(Republican) Rick Santorum plots to END Democracy completely.

Reply Sun 7 Aug, 2022 11:45 am
(Republican) Rick Santorum plots to END Democracy completely.

Rick Santorum details a plan that is getting traction in multiple states to create a complete conservative nation with a convention call vote, whether or not its what the majority of the nation wants. John Iadarola and Jessica Burbank break it down on The Damage Report.

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Republicans' next big play is to 'scare the hell out of Washington' by rewriting the Constitution. And they're willing to play the long game to win.

"As former Republican senator Rick Santorum addressed Republican lawmakers gathered in San Diego at the American Legislative Exchange Council policy summit, he detailed a plan to fundamentally remake the United States.

It would become a conservative nation.

And the transformation, Santorum said, culminates with an unprecedented event: a first-of-its-kind convention to rewrite the Constitution.

"You take this grenade and you pull the pin, you've got a live piece of ammo in your hands," Santorum, a two-time GOP presidential candidate and former CNN commentator, explained in audio of his remarks obtained by the left-leaning watchdog group the Center for Media and Democracy and shared with Insider. "34 states — if every Republican legislator votes for this, we have a constitutional convention.""

Published August 7, 2022

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Reply Sun 7 Aug, 2022 05:53 pm
Has he really gone to university? Along the lines he must have had some brain damage.
Real Music
Reply Mon 8 Aug, 2022 12:26 am
1. It seems that most of today's (Republican) party has become more and more insane.

2. Just when you think they can't possibly say or do anything more insane than their latest stunt,
they end up saying or doing something more insane.
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Reply Mon 8 Aug, 2022 12:27 am
What astounds me is that this group of stupid attention seekers are able to convince other citizens to abandon all reason and let these morons pick and chose a brand new constitution. If we don't don't get off our asses and vote, the idiots will be in charge. And I guarantee you won't be happy at all.
Real Music
Reply Mon 8 Aug, 2022 12:30 am
1. That is so true.

2. Also, people need to realize that these people play the long game.

3. They have long term goals.

4. We saw what happen to Roe v Wade after many decades.
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