boron & boric acid

Reply Wed 13 Jul, 2022 05:34 am
There was an old thread, now closed, here:
I too would like to know the answer, my chemistry knowledge is poor.
The question is, what I think the initial poster (Blickers) was asking , definitely what I am asking now is:
I want to get 3mg of boron IN MY DIET, I have some boric acid, how much, by volume, will that require? It’ll just be mixed in a glass of water.
Also the boric acid is quite old but has been reasonably stored in its original plait bag, there is no expiration date on this product I assume?
Thank you .
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Reply Wed 13 Jul, 2022 06:01 am
Check this link.
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Reply Wed 13 Jul, 2022 06:28 am
1. Prune Juice

Prune juice is one of the easiest sources of boron available. One cup of prune juice offers as much as 1.43 milligrams of boron per serving. This is likely due to the condensed nature of the juice. A single serving of prune juice can therefore fulfill your daily requirement of boron easily.

2. Raw Avocado

Another high-boron food is raw avocado. In general, avocado is nutritionally dense. A half-cup serving of raw avocado contains as much as 1.07 milligrams of boron, which exceeds the recommended daily minimum.

3. Raisins

Grapes are generally high in boron. As they’re made from grapes, raisins are similarly high in boron, but you can get the same amount of the element in less volume. One and a half ounces of raisins can offer up to 0.95 milligrams of boron, almost meeting the recommended minimum intake for one day.

4. Peaches

If you’re looking for something a little bit sweeter, consider peaches. They are an excellent source of boron. A single medium-sized peach may contain as much as 0.80 milligrams of the element. Two peaches is more than enough to get your daily boron requirement.

5. Peanuts

Many nuts are rich in boron, but peanuts are particularly good. One ounce of peanuts contains about 0.48 milligrams of boron, almost half of what you should be getting from your diet daily. Peanut butter is similarly rich, with two tablespoons offering about 0.46 milligrams of boron.

6. Apples

Eating apples and drinking apple juice are great ways to maintain healthy levels of daily boron intake. A medium-sized apple has about 0.66 milligrams of boron, while a cup of apple juice has 0.45 milligrams. An apple a day may actually help you keep the doctor away.

7. Broccoli

You can get boron from your greens, as well. Boiled broccoli can offer up to 0.40 milligrams of boron per cup. Adding more broccoli to your diet is often a good choice, but its boron content may be a good additional reason to do so.
Reply Wed 13 Jul, 2022 05:11 pm
boric acid is not a great way to ingest dietry boron, MCGENTRIX PRSRNT ALL GREAT SOURCES of B, You can do the calcs an Id say that a whole c of milk will give you an mg. Boric acid is toxic ovr 25 g per serving such as 25 avocados ,
The prunenjuice or raisin 'TREAT ' is best but ILL Bet you will stillget a bit of lower GI pain or bloating unless you take a 1/2 cup prune juice with food.

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