Songs from the (1970's) and (1980's)

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@Real Music,
Real Music wrote:

Sly & The Family Stone - Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Again)
(Live 1973)


We used to play this and dance for awhile before we went to a party, loved Sly.
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izzythepush wrote:

This is another controversial piece, it was released in July 1973 and got to number 39 in the UK charts before being withdrawn as it coincided with a bombing campaign by the IRA.


I think I remember this, was this when the Queens horses were bombed? I guess it could have been another attack, they were dreadful.
Reply Fri 14 Jun, 2024 07:16 am
I don't know the specifics.

I remember the Birmingham pub bombings.

When we went to a restaurant there we had to have our bags checked.
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Reply Fri 14 Jun, 2024 09:36 am
“Low Rider” by War. Best summertime tune.

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Reply Wed 19 Jun, 2024 01:22 am
I heard this one night in 1984 when I couldn't sleep, got up at 3am and put the radio on in my shitty little flat in Auburn. This started almost immediately and it was an out of body experience aud0-wise. And they actually back announced it! (It was very early Triple J and they would play any weird **** they found in import stores).

I told my girlfriend about it and she bought me the Beatbox Diversion 1&2 12" EP - which was mindblowing in a different, less spiritual way - but those sounds were so different back then. Learnt a little later that Trevor Horn created them with the Fairlight CMI - the first really usable digital sampler. Bizarrely I knew a keyboard player, Ronnie Mazurkiewicz, who'd played an early version of it "it sounded like ****" in the late 70s.

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