In order to save Peek-A-Boo, and James Twal, from the Devil stone, must people walk in between days?

Reply Fri 17 Jun, 2022 08:04 pm
In order to save Peek-A-Boo, and James Twal, from the Devil's stone, do people need to learn how to travel walk from one day to another day?
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Reply Sat 18 Jun, 2022 05:56 am
I imagine you're writing this because you're bored, and there hasn't been any activity in religion section in like months. Fair enough, the answer is yes.
Reply Sat 18 Jun, 2022 02:50 pm
The common place answer, to the reason why such question, is perhaps the work denoted by mythology/history.

I recently spoke to meta, and addressed the concept that marriage breakdown, societal panic, etc were all being denied their spiritualties (in which my reception by Maxin, the Devil entity at this particular point was refreshing), due to the activation politics of left-wing transcendence.
Of course, the point of this reference, is that it's the inverse of the work problem to do with history/mythology.

For Sam Worthington and Joe Morton's Miles Dyson
Reply Sat 18 Jun, 2022 09:59 pm
I oddly enough got more than 30% of that. Progress!

I think part of this garbled language has to do with mixing in alot of references that don't seem to work with everyone. The title for instance means just about nothing to me.

Or to put it in another parlance, when I was attending church one Sunday, the minister talked about paths can lead you to confusion or to the truth. I think you've managed to become attacked by demons (or in psychological terms,
I think you have some sort of verbal association thing). The paragraph you just wrote was (nearly) in plain English, though it seems to have strung a great number of points together. But the stuff before kinda wasn't.

I think one of the things to remember is that there are alot of problems in this world. But most of them are better if you are able to talk to someone. Not only does it calm things down, and make it easier to function (I have been known to get weird after not talking to people for awhile too), but often it helps the problem.

In fact, I've become inclined to notice that problems in this world tend to be designed precisely so that we have other people to talk to about them. They are designed as a social icebreaker. For example, if both of us are forced to shovel snow because it's Minnesota and the snow will block our houses, we are likely to be out together, and start a conversation among neighbors.

The confusion that my priest talked about seems to exist when the demons win, when we focus on the problems, and let them eat us up. But the truth is, we can always find a helper, and these devils that plague ua are nothing to fear.
Reply Sun 19 Jun, 2022 04:45 pm
The negative over positive conundrum, of the universe, is a gateway to a long theory: theology's aristocracy is the transport machine for physics.

The end to end problem, for humanity, in which people have to carry themselves to reach their consumption, is the payback situation for negative over positive.
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