Lost in Translation

Reply Tue 7 Jun, 2022 06:52 am
I found this interesting article that talks about how Muslims often want to hear the message of the Gospel but get turned off when they hear the term "Son of God."
These terms have entirely different meanings when used by a Moslem. His knowledge of these terms is primarily derived from the Quran and it is a fact that almost every fact of Christianity has been perverted by Islam….As soon as it is said that Jesus is the Son of God, it raises in the Moslem mind the picture of God as husband and Mary as wife. The title thus, a Moslem thinks, at once destroys the unity of the Godhead. It never raises in his mind a noble and sublime thought but it has unpleasant associations which are quite repugnant to him.

Basically, Muslim religious culture is so Unitarian that this concept doesn't translate well. Further, in their language...

The literally translated phrase carries the semantic meaning of “God’s biological offspring” and an affective meaning that is “quite repugnant.” In fact, for many Muslims, the affective meaning is worse than repugnant; it is blasphemous and terrifying. So when they hear it asserted, almost all Muslims say in their minds, if not in their mouths, “astaghfirullâh” (“I ask God’s forgiveness”).

In other words, the main problem with this term is not theological, as so many Christians suppose, and it is not simply a semantic difference, but rather it is an affective and cultural phenomenon: it is an utterly taboo term. The reason is that in most Muslim cultures, people are indoctrinated from childhood, on the basis of At-Tawba 9:30 in the Qur’an, that God will damn and destroy anyone who says that Jesus is “ibnullâh” (“a son of God”), regardless of what they mean by it.

The question is, how would it be possible to phrase this term better so it is not lost in translation?

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Reply Tue 7 Jun, 2022 12:28 pm
1. It is not lost in translation. Islam and Judaism does not see the "Trinity" ( the father, holy-ghost, and son ). In fact various religious fractions of Christianity does not even accept the Trinity as well, or that Jesus is God on Earth.
2. In Islam ( Muslim being called the worshiper by most standards ), Jesus is seen as a prophet. You have to read the Koran, and compare with the Bible. In fact because of the variations between the two religious fractions ( and their denominations ) you have to actually read various translation and texts.
3. In Judaism fractions they condemn Jesus and insult him as a "son of a poor whore" or something along those lines, and do not even accept Jesus. However their are Jews who do accept Jesus as well.

I hope that clarifies things for you.
Reply Wed 8 Jun, 2022 01:11 am
2. I'm not reading the Quran. I have read enough of it to be disgusted, far more than the idea of Son of Man. Things about cruelty to those who leave Islam or believe it is false. Not to mention the abhorrent treatment to women.
1. Judaism actually does write about the Trinity:
(a) The numinous presence of God the Creator (a word I first encountered in college theology, meaning inspiring awe, that is to say that God is so far above us, that we can't even wrap our heads around him)
(b) The immanent (indwelling) nature of the "Angel of the Lord" who btw isn't a mere angel, as he is able to make person promises that only God would be able to make.
(c) The all-pervasive nature of the "Ruach ha Kodesh" inside living things.

Despite numerous mentions of such ideas, the Jews have hardened their hearts.
3. Yes, I am aware of this. In some accounts, Jesus is in a pile of burning feces or is a sorcerer. The problem is the rabbinic leadership has turned against God.

Bottom line is that if we were to say this Trinity is not thre Gods, but one God with three distinct aspects, and that while Jesus is referred to as the above, the more proper term would be incarnation of the Angel of the Lord.

Contrast this with the phony trinity of Babylon (a mother, father, and child triad) or Egypt (same deal, distinct deities) and you will see that this is quite different. Christians worship one God. The problem is not Trinity but the idea that there is someone besides God. But the Trinity does not imply that.
Reply Wed 8 Jun, 2022 08:45 pm
1. Again your being discriminative. Islam, Judaism, and Christianity ( whichever denomination ) all believe in the same god.
2. That is not the trinity. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. That being said the majority do not believe in Christ period and even if they do may or may not acknowledge Christ as god, or if Christ was even on Earth at all. If so many insult the idea of Christ, or anything to do with Catholicism, Christianity, Islam, or any other variant. Just like the rest they insult each other.

Your not going to find a Jewish person in high numbers that will say "yes that is our belief system, and yes I believe in Christ in those terms"

I will tell you what they do have. The four souls ( or is five or six ). Where again the gentile ( non-Jew ) is not only seen as less of an animal ( or something about incapable of doing noble deeds ), and if any soul they have is designated as the animal soul in which dies when the body dies.

Thus as in another topic why religion is pathetic to argue because they all argue that anybody who does not think as they do is made for destruction.

Thus when somebody is sent to prison, is a human baby maker, ends up doing terrible work, they say "Hey they are gentiles, human animals, Like "Transformers" robots in disguise, no biggie".

So justify the annihilation of any one or anything that does not accept them as being "the most acceptable of god".


The only way you will actually see or hear this is if you actually attempt to negotiate with one ( especially men because this is about the men ), and hear their battle cry.

1. Making indirect threats of the authorities.
2. Condemning you via attempt of using power-of-command.
3. Pushing their ideas and living standards on to other people to suite their own means.
4. Creating and proclaiming problems but when somebody talks about them or anything it is anti-Semitic.
5. Constantly broadcasting lies or making an environment where the cult mentality will continue to foster.

!!Just to sum it up anybody claiming themselves as a ____ to feel special.!!

Quran, Torah, Bible etc.... are all the same god, with slight different alterations. That is it. Grow up and accept the reality. You have been bred to hate somebody just for them being ______ person and _____ could be ,

Race, Religion, Culture, or any idea. Thus you mental idea of superiority and preferences of people..............like a lamb being herded off the slaughter house.
Reply Thu 9 Jun, 2022 08:33 am
Do they?

Muslims claim they do. But their relationship to Ishmael is shaky at best
and it appears that Arab knowledge of the Bible is based on thirdhand information. In other words, they are imposters. Their god btw is not God but a moon idol. This is why every flag seems to have the moon in it. This is also why you won't catch Christians or Jews bowing to the qaaba no matter how woke they are. My God rejects idols. Muslims' god demands they worship a cinderblock with paint on it.

2. (a)God the Father is mentioned creating the world, and in virtually every instance where awesome power is used. He is considered unsafe to look at, worse than looking at the sun. (b) They say God the Son, but what was Jesus's identity... before he was Jesus? As it turns out, there is a wealth of personal encounters with God. This version of God is safe to look at. In fact, Jacob is on record in the Bible as wrestling with a man. He names the place Peniel. (c) God the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Lord. This is blatantly obvious to anyone with eyes.

It is Jews' own hangup that they will not admit the Trinity is in every page of the Bible. The four souls idea is irrelevant to any discussion. I'm not sure where it would ever be relevant. I lost the context of who "they" is for the five bullet points.

No, Muslims do not have the same God. I will say that again.

This debate recurs because of the culture’s tendency to flatten religious differences into nebulous and impersonal ideas about “God” and because of widespread ignorance of religious faith. As Stephen Prothero points out in God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions that Run the World–and Why Their Differences Matter, our happily ignorant “pluralism” can in religious matters lead to car bombs exploding, bullets fired through office buildings, hostage situations at abortion clinics, and waves of genocidal violence.

I have read God is Not One, btw. It's an interesting read. It lays out religion as solution to problems. Jews and Christians have the same Bible and worship the same God (though Jewish worship of God is tainted by Law as an idol). Muslims have an entirely different culture. They don't worship the same any more than Christians and Hindus worship the same. I'm not being bigoted, I'm being realistic.
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