Obsessed Roommate...NEED ADVICE

Reply Wed 16 Mar, 2022 10:00 pm
Last year, a former coworker that I will call Bobby to hide his identity had a great falling out with his brother. Knowing that I was terribly unhappy renting a furnished room, he called and asked if I wanted to share an apartment him. I thought about it for a month or two and then said yes.

I thought it would be easier to share a place with one person as opposed to more than one tenant. I was wrong. This guy has become a nightmare, to say the least. He simply cannot leave me alone. I'm beginning to think that he is gay. I have nothing against gay people but I am not a homosexual.

We both signed a one year lease which expires in August 2022 but August is far away. My mom has agreed to let me stay at her place on Saturday and Sunday until the lease expires. I am 56 (soon to be 57) and had to beg my mother to let me stay at her place on the weekend just to get away from this guy who simply will not leave me alone.

He knocks on my room door all the time wanting to chat. When Bobby gets home from work (currently on jury duty), he expects me to drop everything I am doing in my room to chat with him. Bobby has a girlfriend but gay men have girlfriends and some of them are married to hide their true sexual preference. Having a girlfriend does not mean that Bobby is not into men.

Last night, Bobby texted me after 11pm wanting to set up a three-way conference call to chat with one of his friends. I work overnight hours and obviously said no calls, no texting, no nothing. I need my job and thus cannot afford to get caught on film talking to friends. Work is work and free time is free time. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I AM GOING THROUGH?

I going to separate from this guy when the lease expires but he doesn't know that. I cannot tell Bobby that we are going to part ways just before August. I don't trust what he will do to my food in the same refrigerator that we both share. I compare this situation to the the 1987 film FATAL ATTRACTION. Bobby is absolutely obsessed with me like no other person I have ever met. Bobby probably thinks I am gay because I don't have a girlfriend and haven't dated since my divorce in 2003.

What advice can you give me? I am desperately looking for a solution to this nightmare situation. I had no idea that Bobby was so obsessive in terms of friendship. When his brother kicked him out, THAT WAS THE BIGGEST SIGN EVER TO STAY AWAY FROM HIM. However, the idea of finally leaving the furnished room lifestyle seemed very attractive to me at the time. I was wrong. What do you say?

Thank you
Reply Thu 17 Mar, 2022 05:35 am
I think you need a medical exam for dementia or early Alzheimer's. You've forgotten you've posted ad nauseam about this guy. No advice has changed since the last three posts about your living situation.

Reply Thu 17 Mar, 2022 09:03 am
There has been an arrest by detectives investigating the killing of homeless people in NY. I thought it might be the OP, quite relieved it's not.
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bobsal u1553115
Reply Fri 18 Mar, 2022 06:16 pm
It's getting better, try again.

Maybe add a dream sequence with a crane shot.
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