Bible Feedback?

The Anointed
Sat 5 Mar, 2022 09:49 pm
You, I, nor anyone has the right to tell the Lord God our saviour, ‘THE SON OF MAN’ the Most High in the creation, who He chooses to Live into the everlasting and who he chooses to die for evermore.

We only know that the Lord said that we have all sinned and we all must die once, then the disembodied minds that are we, go off into Judgement. Those spirits who have lived good lives enter into a state of peaceful rest in Christ, those who have lived wicked live enter into a state of terrible mental torment as the await they great day of judgement.

Isaiah 57: 1-2; Good people die, and no one understands or even cares. But when they (GOOD PEOPLE) die, no calamity can hurt them. Those who lead good lives find peace and rest in death.

Ezekiel 18: 21“If an evil person stops sinning and keeps my laws, if he does what is right and good, he will not die; he will certainly live. 22All his sins will be forgiven, and he will live, because he did what is right. Do you think I enjoy seeing an evil person die?” asks the Sovereign LORD. “No, I would rather see him repent and live.

“But if a righteous person stops doing good and starts doing all the evil, disgusting things that evil people do, will he go on living? No! None of the good he did will be remembered. He will die because of his unfaithfulness and his sins.

God alone will decide who lives and who does not. It is even suggested that those who have lived wicked lives, even while in purgatory may still be able to truly repent and be forgiven. God is a loving God, but a righteous God, as He himself has said; “Do you think I enjoy seeing an evil person die?” asks the Sovereign LORD. “No, I would rather see him repent and live.

The doctrine of the lake of fire is real. Those who are not invited to enter into the generation of light beings in the eighth and eternal day that has neither hours, days, weeks, months or years, where all time is stuck together in one aeon, are cast back into the refining fires of the seven physical generations and eternal rebirths, where those minds are destroyed and the eternal soul is given a new body in one of those seven generations of the universe, depending on which stage the soul had attained to in its previous cycle, from where it will go through the process of evolution once again, and perhaps this time attain to the perfection demanded.
Sun 6 Mar, 2022 07:04 am
@The Anointed,
This first line is correct. Neither do any of have the right to make claims on who he excludes. To do either is to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit.

But at the end of the day, the scripture of the Gospel can be interpreted as referring specifically to Jesus's death and resurrection, and the surrounding period of the destruction of the Temple.

And the apocalypse is at odds with the Gospel, so by Galatians 1:8, it is an example of cursed false gospel from a cursed false prophet.
Mon 7 Mar, 2022 03:32 am
Oh wow, this pisses me off.

Amazon KDP normally is reasonable about publishing. But they basically are locking up production on a derivative of a public domain work. Uhhhh, public domain? Doesn't that give the right to release it?
In fact, the website itself clearly says that!
"We need proof that you are the author." The hell you do! And secondly, I'm editor not the author. Lemme publish something I worked on for weeks!
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