What famous Black writers are known for writing stories about White characters?

Mon 21 Feb, 2022 07:30 am
Hi. Happy Black History Month 2022 folks. I am curious.

What famous Black writers are known for writing stories about White characters?

The only one I can think of and know off-hand is Alexander Dumas, who wrote The Three Musketeers.

I tried looking this info up but didn't really find anything.

Please help. Thank you.
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bobsal u1553115
Mon 21 Feb, 2022 09:02 am
Where are you headed with this?
Mon 21 Feb, 2022 09:03 am
Read some James Baldwin.
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Wed 23 Feb, 2022 07:06 am
@bobsal u1553115,
I was curious. There are some racist, ignorant people who think if a Black person writes stories about White people that he's "culturally appropriating". That is a bunch of nonsense.

I presume when people write fictuonal stories about people some of them are writing from observation. They draw inspiration from watching people around them and such.

A Raisin In The Sun is a story about an African American family dealing with racism and cultural bias while living in a predominantly White neighborhood. There are White characters in this story.

An African American woman, Lorraine Hansberry, wrote the book.
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Wed 23 Feb, 2022 07:40 am
Roots by Alex Hailey
Wed 23 Feb, 2022 01:51 pm
Have there ever been any stories written by Black authors in which White people were the main characters, aside from The Three Musketeers ?
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Fri 18 Mar, 2022 06:25 pm
Alexandre Dumas is not Black.
Fri 18 Mar, 2022 07:08 pm
Yalow wrote:

Alexandre Dumas is not Black.

Marie-Cessette Dumas (1714–1786) was an enslaved woman in the French colony of Saint Domingue. She was the mother of General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, the grandmother of novelist Alexandre Dumas, and the great-grandmother of playwright Alexandre Dumas, fils, and has been called a "great matriarch to a saga of distinguished men".[1] She was an enslaved woman of African descent enslaved by the Marquis Alexandre Antoine Davy de La Pailleterie [fr]. They lived at a plantation called La Guinaudée[2] (or Guinodée[3]) near Jérémie of the French colony of Saint-Domingue (now Haiti), until Antoine's departure in 1775.

Any amount of black blood in the USA will make you black.
Sat 19 Mar, 2022 10:16 am
Wow! I really didn't know! I've learned something today.
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Fri 20 May, 2022 04:50 pm
Okay here is the deal. Writing is writing so think

Screen Writers,
Hollywood writing
____novel characters

When you make up characters your mind should be flowing like a river. Lost in that world, while being disconnected from your own.


Your writing should related to the actions of yourself with the other people around you.

Do not put a race on the cover of any character because it would only lead you down the path of making characters stereotypes. You should put race only when your dealing with publishers and usage of the work itself.



F for Family is an animated cartoon and does a decent job of writing characters that are "White" as well. Again the characters just exsist but the race is not applied. That could be any family.


You can not put the center piece of something as race, it just has to come to you.
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Jonas T Martinez
Tue 24 May, 2022 06:45 am
No wonder I stumbled across this thread. Very interesting facts, I never even thought that Dumas' ancestors were African Americans. And I don’t even remember about your question, and to be honest, I write very badly.
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