What is the Fraud of American Currency?

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Chinese Economics and America: The Founding Fathers based the American system on Iroquois table culture, however the invention of the automobile, post-Civil War, removed the relevance of tobacco, marijuana, cotton, rice, and livestock as soluble cash crops to finance an internal structure of American trade through, making the liquor industry moot and also removing the dependency on the American steel industry in deficit trade at the expense of Canada. Under the New Deal, charitable organizations of power was removed from the American Jewry and placed in the federal government’s hands, and American scholars sought the ancient Chinese system of counterfeiting, to append American currency under the means of American industry.

Coinage: A coin, in China, was a simple and easy term of labor, to pass into the hands of a merchant, for tracking of those preferring a particular good. Chinese track their value based on a barter system of difficulty of production, and this was modified, into a tracking system of which item was preferred by the American consumer, through decimel references to different laws that had been removed by the Civil War and other Supreme Court actions benefitting defendant (the system of American law already present, unless a poor precedent, like the Dred Scott Decision, therefore ignored by the conjoined majority of the federal acts of law academy, where prosecutors and professors are trained under judges, also known as the clerk’s registry).

Paper Money: A paper bill, in China, was for a coin thief, to mark an individual as particularly wise and clever, therefore the paper bill, would accrue physical possessions to those holding, given first to Jews on the Silk Road. This established the charitable endeavors of the Jewry worldwide, after the Kingdom of Israel had been formed by a man named ‘David’, the inversion of a flipped state due to the consonant ‘d’, being given the role of ‘King’, making all Jews, kings, as subjects, of a leader that was subordinate to the Jews, a continued system to this day. Paper bills, were used to track luxury purchases, through the golden mean, the mathematical equation used in such structures as the Parthenon, the Sistine Chapel, Notre Dame, and of course, the highways, with cars and big rigs (minus the cab, for maneuvers of the trucker driving) as tracking points to place importance on the bill.

Grocers: The entire currency structure of the United States is the shared grocery store or food outlet for personal cooking or acquisition and storage of food and other goods, the entire wealth of America. This is the equivalent to the Chinese system’s carpentry industry, wherein housing is the prime method of China holding wealth among the common people. In the American system, anyone anywhere in the country has access to groceries, whether the farm producing, or the manufacturer producing equipment necessary to farm, or any upkeep or training of farmers and those supporting through grocers, such as hospitals, schools, and outlets for luxuries.

Warehousing: The warehousing system is our version of the Tong, the Chinese bank. This is distribution to restaurants, the luxury incentive to produce or work or stay ‘busy’, the term for contributing through information wares to society for the advance of others through the exercise of various rights assumed and written, as a consequence of living within this system. The visit to a restaurant, supplied by a warehouse and supported by the golden mean, within the roaded structure of automotive and workers, is the entire central concept of luxury in American society. The concept of wealth is to share a meal, at any rate of sales or produce by the American system, with the pagan system of choice, capitalism, running the meritocracy of luxury provision to those purchasing, as long as they are willing to be active in society.

Currency: The currency, is the vote, in organized labor, identical to China’s ancient system. Although the coins and bills and food items and restaurant luxury cigarettes, liquor, rare dishes, foodstuffs for pregnant women and children, and comfort foods appear to be the currency, it is actually the vote as a labor union, to decide whom represents the American people, in defending our concept of a mass union of workers, against any foreign harm to this system, at any violent means by farmer’s union of militia, however conveniently staffed with spies, corporate raconteurs, tanks, navy, rifles, police, jets, bombers, cargo planes, and of course, overseas military bases to monitor populations opposed to our system of currency. This is the protection, against fraud, our concept of limitations upon our freedoms to pursue the New Deal.

Historical Inflected False Inversions: There are a set of historical concepts, lied about by the common province, however enforced very vigorously. They are the concepts of Arabic algebra, the wage, civil rights, Persian exile, the paired adventure, pioneering, Mexican sport, the concept of sacrifice of the more aggressive party, martyrdom, Chinese counterfeiting, smaller institutes of civil empowerment, unions, and Israel, the enforcement of family trade on children from father, morality. The purpose of the false inflection, is so that the outer system is hidden from enemies, the foreign intelligence and military services upholding the implied inversion of code, while domestically, the proper listed forms and consequences are applied. This is to keep caravans from passing into our country, and to keep our wealth at a currency level, of coins and bills, our trinkets to track interested parties to purchase pointless manufactured goods, while our actual currency, is organized labor, and the grocery stores and restaurants.

Jewry: The function of the Jewry, is in the management of entertainment systems, such as video games, board games, gambling houses, written media, college education, direction to allowed religious services, mass media entertainment such as radio or television, sports and athletics entertainment, and media opposition to foreign powers that have denied the rights of state to our citizens. Kept as barrister houses, they have the power to betray any leader, one of ours or another country’s, that apply a police, military, or espionage code to these currency rules, through print fostered among victims of the foreign state in question, to rally for print. A barrister house, is structured in Bantu logic, however you are expelled for speaking Bantu by design of Bantu by purpose of the language itself, and everyone speaks Hebrew and holds a degree in notarized law, empowered by American corporate law through non-profit Likud codes of false Nobility, Romani poverties of atheist Gypsy, and Temple sanctions of anti-Judaism. Collectively termed as ‘The Wicked’, this structure is MI-6, a British intelligence service erected for control of America through Britain, and designed to slay anyone betraying the Monroe Doctrine, and America’s connection to the British Commonwealth (Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Papua New Guinea, Cayman Isles, Bermuda, New Zealand, Tasmania, and Switzerland).

Federal Charity: Charity is given out to anyone that is a victim of police brutality, regardless of charge, and if reporting to a medical facility, charge is not placed, and is in fact cleared, out of refusal of “black codes”, the Irish police orders of Europe. There is no legal provision related to this, this is Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s rule, and by provision of our currency, this charity is optional, and can be removed by the individual seeking at any time, the concept of meritocracy and pagan capitalism, the system that the New Deal is built on; that being choice, even in death. Abortion, a later planned route, and gun laws, are also enforced and protected by this, as well as assisted suicide and automotive gun laws, the right to wield a ‘serial’, a single handed grip on the wheel to indicate traveling “by one’s self”, with a woman. These laws cannot be removed, without a violation of the voted union system, and the grocery stores and warehousing of restaurants and of course, the inversions of inflection from foreign system, moving back inwards domestically, purging the entire leadership that seeks to violate them; a lily pad.
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