LEP or LED??

Reply Tue 14 Sep, 2021 04:18 am
Since a few days I'm very confused about the new technology of a flashlight. LEP is the more powerful, durable and stunning compare to LED flashlight.

LEP- Light Emitting Plasma, is the newest in the market. I get some reviews and info about this one. There is one cons about LEP technology is if you direct spot on someone eyes then it causes harm. Some LED flashlights also had this disadvantage but this types of LED flashlights mostly used by arm forces.

Is there any one who use this LEP bright flashlight for the camping or outdoor activities ?

Thanks in advanced!
Reply Tue 14 Sep, 2021 05:58 am
LEP means Laser Excited Phosphor. It's expensive (although that might change if it becomes more commonplace), makes a very tight beam and in my opinion is not very useful as a flashlight if you actually want to use it to see in the dark. It lights up such a small area that you need to wave it around to see where you are going. Found an article that illustrates the difference. There is no doubt that the LEP is more focused, but if I want to see where I am going, the LED would be my choice. The article has some more examples.
Reply Tue 14 Sep, 2021 06:13 am
Thanks for the info
Reply Tue 14 Sep, 2021 06:28 am
It is interesting technology. I think LEP is better at producing full spectrum light (much closer to sunlight which is definitely not the case with LED) so you get better colors. I doubt that is what someone wants walking through the woods wants, but if you were designing a house light bulb or an optical instrument, it might be important. It also claims more lumens per watt but I haven't seen anything to verify that.
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