Can someone explain the appeal of smart devices?

Reply Wed 3 Feb, 2021 10:46 pm
I don't mean something that's designed as smart device, like an iPhone. I get that one. You want a handheld that can do tasks, answer phone calls, and connect to the internet when you're away from your home or office.

I mean... Alexa in general (dude, a search engine gives you the same results without listening to conversations). I mean smart TV. Automated devices all linked to you phone. Not only is that an undue level of control you place in anyone who nicks your phone and figures out your password, but there was a 1999 Disney movie Smart House, 1998 movie Dream House, 1993 Ghost in the Machine. All of these have to do with electronics taking over.

Call me a neo-Luddite, but it seems like surrounding yourself with plenty of smart things is a fast way to prove that you are very very stupid. Suppose someone who programs the system wants to off you to inherit house (or just secretly hates you)? How difficult would it be to shut off electricity during the height of a snowstorm? The government already browns out power, suppose they didn't like how you voted last election? Maybe your electric water heater gets a surge?

During wartime, they used to fire cannons. Imagine a smart cannon that can pivot based on a RF frequency from the internet or remote control. Would you really want cannons firing on you?

And don't get me started on surveillance. Printers now remember everything printed. Hell, even toasters probably have chips. For all the good that does, it still takes 1 1/2 toasts because the thing doesn't preheat first.

You're not gonna convince me. This is not a "persuade the OP that smart devices are awesome." They really aren't. This is a "Why are you hooked on giving complete control of your house to be hacked remotely? Why are you letting Alexa hear your political conversations? And why would anyone who isn't a complete busybody purchase a drone?"
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Reply Thu 4 Feb, 2021 03:32 am
This all-seeing, all-knowing, all-loving stuff is imaginary.
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Reply Thu 4 Feb, 2021 05:40 am
gullibility includes marketing the folks to believe that just because we can evelop something, you must want it and need it.

I get a kick out of OVER GIZMATIZING our autos and appliances. My year old Explorer has more crap in it to compute mileages and time that its better quipped than a Baja Rallye Car.

Wifi'd refrigerators can tell when your out of things and then orde them from a store with whom you must set up an account. Sometimes you may not be home to receive the groceries so the raccoons get em. (That happened to a neighbor who spend a bloody fortune redoing a kitchen and dining room .They arrived at some appliance center that convinced them they needed this **** and twivce a family of opposums bet them home. SOO they bought another fridge which they kept out in a milk house so its accessible to delivery .

another 1000 bucks for what? Just shoot the goddam possums, their not even evolved enough to be a proper rat.
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Reply Thu 4 Feb, 2021 07:32 am
I think you've been consuming too much science fiction. My wife loves working in the kitchen and telling the speaker to play show tunes or 80's pop hits or NPR. Sure, she could open her phone, find a good Spotify playlist, blue tooth to the speaker and hit play, but she can do all that by speaking a single sentence without taking her hands out of the bread dough. Want to know what time the rain is going to start while putting on your shoes? Again, a single request as opposed to opening your weather app and finding the hour by hour forecast. I haven't left the garage door open in forever because it closes itself at night (and reports back to my phone). Of course, someone could in theory hack my garage door and open it but it would be a lot easier to kick in the access door instead. The other day I asked Google what 1.35 to the 4.8 power was. It answered to 5 decimal places. Sure beats finding my calculator or pulling one up on my phone. If the benefit of the Internet is putting information at your finger tips, smart systems take that to the next level. I'm not sweating a "Demon Seed" scenario at this point.
Reply Thu 4 Feb, 2021 07:06 pm
yeh but i think theres a point of nonsense.

I want my car to have another button tht, once I push it, for that trip. It turns into 55 Oldsmobile
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Reply Fri 5 Feb, 2021 10:46 am
engineer wrote:

I think you've been consuming too much science fiction.

I'll counter this with... he needs to consume less shitty science fiction.

And I'm wondering if the OP is completely off his meds (or was never on them in the first place).
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