Should I Continue to Take Band

Reply Sat 26 Sep, 2020 03:20 pm
I’ve been mulling over this for about two months now: should I quit band? I’m a high school student and I’ve been in band since the eighth grade, but lately it’s been less of something I’m passionate about and more of a burden.

I’ve been very burnt out lately, with no leftover motivation to practice the flute or get better. (I’m not very good). The flute section of my band is very tight knit and we’re very close, and I love my band teacher and all the other students there. It’s always been a positive space for me.

However, I’ve been thinking of band as a social group, not something to work at and practice. That’s where I’m having difficulty. Everyone in there is so supportive and I don’t want to let them down by quitting, because I worry that I’ll be excluded from the band-friends I’ve made and they won’t want to be close with me anymore.

Maybe I’m over reacting, but I’m my mind, the whole situation is very messy. I also had a peaceful breakup with someone in band, and we have a new director this year. I don’t want people to think I’m quitting because of either of those reasons.

I’m hoping for some advice, motivational words, whatever, because I’m very tired of these thoughts running at the forefront of my mind constantly. If you made it to the bottom of this post, thank you so much for reading and I hope I hear from someone soon.
Reply Sat 26 Sep, 2020 03:42 pm
Ask yourself how much the flute means to you. Do you have any happy moments now or before when playing? Would you rather try a different instrument, such as the clarinet or French horn?

Is your tiredness somehow related to the current situation in the world regarding the Covid-19? That will eventually pass (at least it's supposed to).

Since you are on good terms with the other band members, maybe get together with them and talk all this through. They are your friends and know you little more deeply than us/we random strangers. Maybe it would come down to just a short break.

Take your time, think it through. And the flute will still be waiting for you should you decide to put it aside for a time.
Reply Sat 26 Sep, 2020 06:48 pm
A lot of high school band is the marching, going to games, band trips, etc. It's not all about being a great flutist. While I think your band instructor would love for you to get better, typically half the band is not really working that direction. Are you still enjoying that stuff with all the COVID precautions? If you are having a good time, I think you can scale back on the practices and just maintain your level. If you aren't having a good time or are stressed about things that matter more to you, maybe it is time to quit.
Reply Sun 27 Sep, 2020 09:15 am
Thank you for this. I do love performing on stage and at competitions. I’ll continue to think about it for the rest of the semester and get some advice from my friends in band. This was very helpful <3
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Reply Sun 27 Sep, 2020 09:17 am
I do remember having good times in band, but since I’ve been stressed out lately, I’ll check in with my band teacher and not push myself too far. Thank you so much for replying
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