America ... you wouldn't even want to make it up

Wed 16 Sep, 2020 03:19 pm
The point I am making (and I consider this an important one) is this.

When it comes to what happened in Germany understand, we should all be humble and take it to heart. Normal people were in a modern European democracy were swayed to support or accept something truly evil.

By "humble" I mean this is not something that we should use to judge other people. If I run around and see Nazis in other people, it does no one any good. It only makes me less tolerant and more extreme.

It is better if the lesson I reach is one of humility... that I need to be more tolerant and more open to people who don't think like me.

Attacking other people might make you feel superior, it is alway nice to be absolutely sure you are right. In my opinion, is is far better when people search their own souls and try to be better people themselves.
Wed 16 Sep, 2020 03:44 pm
Normal people in a Democracy?

Germany only became a Democracy under the Weimar Republic, prior to that it was a monarchy.

The Republic lasted from 1919 until 1933 when Hitler became chancellor.

That means the oldest person born in a Democracy, (and to be generous I’ll go from 11/11/1918) would have been fourteen when Hitler came to power and therefore unable to vote.

Nobody who voted grew up in a Democracy all their lives, they’d all experienced being ruled by the Kaiser.

And the Weimar Republic didn’t have an easy time of it, the Great Depression, rampant inflation, political violence due to anger at Versailles and a strong feeling that they were betrayed, that they could have won WW1 all helped fuel the feeling that Democracy humiliated Germany.

When they were a monarchy they defeated Napoleon III which was still in living memory when Hitler became chancellor.

1930s Germany is a World apart from America today.

Stick to Physics.

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Wed 16 Sep, 2020 03:45 pm
You’re the most smug person on A2K so drop the phony humility.

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Thu 17 Sep, 2020 04:38 am
They probably used Democrat voter lists to find people to survey. How else could they find 1000 dumb-asses in America?

They might have gotten the people from a dumpster out the back of the DNC too. ET might have given them a list of people. I have no idea where they got the people from, so my guess is as good as yours.

The point of this thread is to insult Americans by some pseudo-intellectual in an effort to show other forum members how big their internet penis is. If you get a good magnifying glass, you can almost see it.

Only the OP knows what the point of posting the thread was, really. I take it as meaning that if you don't learn from history, you're bound to repeat it.

I don't know why you feel every bit of criticism of the US of A must be nothing but an "attack on the US". As I don't think ignorance stops at a national border, be that America's, or any other border.
Thu 17 Sep, 2020 06:38 am

I don't know why you feel every bit of criticism of the US of A must be nothing but an "attack on the US".

As the sun sets slowly on the American empire the dead-enders' skins get progressively thinner. These MAGA-hatted meatbags exude paranoia and misbegotten nostalgia for a mythological fairyland that never existed in the first place!
Thu 17 Sep, 2020 07:44 am
Precisely. As usual, you put it very well indeed.

That's the problem with truth... it has a nasty habit of bursting such nationalistic bubbles. Wink
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