Disaster Porn? Or how to torture yourself with disaster movies during a pandemic.

Reply Sun 12 Jul, 2020 09:03 pm
Who else needles themselves during troubling times with tv and movies where bad things happen to good people?

For the most part, "bad things happen to good people" is the structure and raison d'etre disaster movies.

What are your favorite disaster movies? And when is the time you usually crave them (if craving is the right word)?

I guess in terms of television, there's the traditional tv movie as well as the miniseries. But other than medical tv dramas which occasionally feature a natural disaster story arc (covering one to several episodes), is there a multiple season tv series based on a single or series of natural disasters?

I just finished the following miniseries on Netflix. Worth the watch if you feel the need to pummel yourself with a ton of negative emotions.

Nihon Chinbotsu 2020 (2020) AKA Japan Sinks. Schlocky disaster miniseries (though IMDb doesn't classify it as thus and I'm pretty positive that they'll never have a season 2) which doesn't pull its punches. 8/10 (closer to a 7 but I'm being generous).

There's a lot of 70s disaster genre influence and keeps away from the garbagy Roland Emmerich disaster movie tropes.

The animation is a bit shoddy. It must be a relatively low budget anime production. Keep a box of tissues nearby. You might drown yourself in your own bawling tears.

Reply Mon 13 Jul, 2020 03:14 am
My favourite disaster movie was a movie within a movie.

The film is called Drive In and it was made in 1976.

The film they’re watching is a mishmash of every disaster movie made.
Reply Mon 13 Jul, 2020 09:46 am
I love those kinds of details.
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Reply Thu 23 Jul, 2020 10:32 pm
If anybody hasn't seen the complete Battlestar Galactica series, that would be a great disaster show to watch. The ending will testify to how great a defeat the humans have taken. Yes, human civilization rebuilt on a new planet to our current world, but it is not what they once had before.
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Reply Sun 2 Aug, 2020 09:26 am
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