Does Yahweh/Jesus live by the Golden Rule?

Greatest I am
Reply Tue 21 Jul, 2020 10:21 am
Leadfoot wrote:

A judge sits at his bench and is fixing to convict a girl to go to jail for one year. And the Father of that girl stands up and says, "I would like to pay the penalty for my daughter and go to jail for a year"

Tell me, is that judge Good or evil by allowing that Father to pay for the penalty so that his daughter does not suffer the consequences of her own actions?
So you are saying that it’s a good idea for children not to learn that their decisions have consequences? I couldn’t say whether evil was involved or not, but the father who sits in the corner instead of sending his irresponsible daughter there, is a shitty father. And the judge would be guilty of aiding and abetting the shitty father.

Sorry, your analogy sucks, both logically and theologically.

I am not sure if our friend is a Christian or an atheist trying to make believers look stupid.

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