NBA folks or anyone: NEVER APOLOGIZE or KOWTOW to the CCP

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October 11, 2019

The oversensitive and infuriated fascists in the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) officials and their "nazi" followers amongst the Chinese people DO NOT represent the 1.4 billion people of China; that idea is as silly as saying Al Capone or Donald Trump represented all Americans. The criminal organization CCP's corporate parasites form a relatively small percentage of China's people.

The vast majority in China are, or will be, our democracy seeking brothers and sisters in the revolution. DO NOT FORGET the real Chinese who will always struggle for "freedom" although the word seems to have little meaning. Human beings are never meant to be oppressed, dominated, exploited and enslaved. Americans of moral substance: Get rid of the sexual predator dictator wannabe parasite-in-chief Donald J. Trump, and be thankful for the democracy that is still alive but dramatically struggling to survive in the U.S., and which is only a distant dream in the many countries now fallen to the curse of fascism, the master/slave government of dominating fools ruling submissive fools.

The corporate fascist "Nazi" CCP in China want to completely suppress any dissent anywhere in the world regarding their atrocities, persecution and exploitation of both minorities and the disadvantaged in China.

People in democracies must NEVER acquiesce or defer to morally deficient fascists that furiously and self-righteously berate them like WW2 German Nazi prison guards, and NEVER apologize to them or figuratively "lick their diseased asses".

The NBA or any other foreign origin business be damned, and all those short-sighted greedy foreign investors or businessmen in criminally run China will learn a hard lesson. An uprising or coup within China is inevitable in due course. Till then, keep speaking words of criticism, truth and justice denied to both offend the "Nazis" and to hearten the Chinese people who will know democracy one day.

The oppressed must clearly see what they must rise up against. The NBA situation proves that more information than the CCP and its cyberpricks can censor is getting into China. All foreign business operations and tourism in China must STOP in order to intensify the isolation and tension in the already unbalanced, unstable criminal CCP. Isolation -- which the "barking" Nazis in China are effectively ensuring for all in China will constantly remind the real people there what they are missing, and motivate them to seek the "freedom" their criminal slavemasters are denying them.


If the NBA or any other business plays the CCP's "no free speech" or "Don't talk about my diseased, freaky and frightening ass that is beautiful and perfect" game for money, they will be traitors to democracy and morality like Trump, promoting the lie that dictators and their crimes are OK and nothing to be worried about. Just leave the fascists to "die in their own poison".

"FREE PEOPLE" of the world, it's "FREE SPEECH OR DEATH" !!

(Death being preferable to well behaved, sycophantic, submissive, dominated and obedient licking of degenerate fascist ass.)

Winnie the Xi, get the "Nazi" mental dwarf and spiritual retard Carrie Lam out of Hong Kong. WTX, wouldn't you rather eat that pot of honey you're hiding behind your back? With the firing of real bullets and the "no protestor masks" rule, kindly Uncle Winnie and Aunt Carrie have effectively declared unholy war upon the people of Hong Kong.

Three cheers for Chris Patten, the former governor of Hong Kong; Joshua Wong, Martin Lee, Jimmy Lai....

Keep this just between us ... "Nazi" assholes should be kept in the dark ... A CRACK OF DOOM will be figuratively heard in China in March 2021. December 2019 and January 2020 will bring a bitter harvest for the CCP.

There have never been, or will there ever be, happy endings for proud, threatening and intolerant "Nazis".

I'm not a war advocate, but am no respecter of the corrupt, to put it mildly. Fascist corruption worldwide is getting worse all the time, and every brainwashed "Nazi" leader or "nazi" follower narcissistic psycho deserves a comfortable cage for life, with kindness and every comfort. Corporate fascist racist "Nazis" are the most dangerous scum on earth, and must be the primary targets ("enemies" is not the true term for the clueless dead who cannot help being "monsters"). "Forgive them, for they know not what they do".

Many will inevitably and sadly die in the global revolution already under way; this is the fate of the ignorant, because the subhuman race's bad karma for transgressing The Great Law of Love is VERY GREAT and inescapable. Armies of the dead face off and both sides are losers, but such is the way of karma in eliminating the evil.

Let's cut to the chase:

CCP and Winnie the Xi, it's all over for you. (This might be called "striking fear with words of inescapable destiny into the nonexistent "hearts" of Life-sucking degenerates.)

Worthless "Nazi" creeps everywhere, this admonition in the Bible was "written for you":

"Fear God".

The translation of this is "Fear the works of Satan that are unleashed upon the inhuman wicked who profane the sacredness of God/Nature including even just one of His created beings, the foremost being human". Eternal damnation and misery are your rewards, and suicide is too good for you, as Nature means you to have a life long enough for you to pay the full price for your sin, which, contrary to the church's false teaching, is NEVER forgiven by God or Nature:

'Verily I say unto thee, Thou shalt by no means come out of thence, till thou hast paid the uttermost farthing' (Matthew 5.26)

Only individual people can and must forgive "Nazis", who are hopeless victims of their soulless destiny. But individuals' forgiveness of them only benefits the individual, never the racist genocidal maniac "Nazi".
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