Is Our Relationship With Knowledge Outdated And Dangerous?

Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2019 07:25 am
Hi all,

I hope the following article might stimulate some interesting discussion. If you wish to comment I will reply to your comments below. For now, a place to start...


This article will argue that the "more is better" relationship with knowledge which is the foundation of science and our modern civilization is simplistic, outdated and increasingly dangerous.

Let's start with a quick analogy which can provide a glimpse of where we're headed.

Our Evolving Relationship With Food

For most of our history humans have lived near the edge of starvation much of the time. In this scarcity context a "more is better" relationship with food was entirely reasonable. In our time food is plentiful and readily available in much of the world, and where that's true more people die of obesity related diseases than die of starvation.

The point here is that a "more is better" relationship with food which was entirely rational for a very long time in an era of food scarcity became outdated and dangerous when transported to a different era characterized by a food explosion. We lucky moderns are required to replace the simplistic "more is better" food paradigm from the earlier era with a more intelligent and sophisticated relationship which can involve somewhat complicated cost/benefit calculations.

And if we decline to adapt, he said while glancing down in to his lap at those twenty pounds that didn't used to be there, well, the price tag may very well be an unwelcome trip to the emergency room or morgue.

Our Evolving Relationship With Knowledge

This is where we are in our relationship with knowledge as well. The simplistic "more is better" relationship with knowledge which served us so well for so long now must adapt to meet the challenge of the new environment which it's success has created. To understand why, let's remind ourselves of some basic facts about the knowledge explosion currently underway.

First, the modern knowledge explosion obviously brings many benefits, way more than can be listed here, more than our ancestors could have even dreamed of. And although mistakes, missteps and even epic calamities such as technology powered global wars do occur, so far we've always managed to clean up the mess, fix the error, learn the lessons, and continue with progress. So what's the problem??

To understand the threat posed by operating from an outdated relationship with knowledge we need to examine the issue of scale. It is the vast scale of the powers emerging from the knowledge explosion that makes the historic [progress => mistakes => more progress] process that we are used to obsolete.

Here's What's Great About Nuclear Weapons

Luckily for the purposes of this article at least, nuclear weapons provide a very easily understood example of how powers of vast scale change the threat landscape by erasing the room for error. As you know, the nuclear stockpiles of the great powers will have to be managed successfully every single day forever, for as long as those weapons exist.

The key thing to note here is that as far as the future of humanity goes, successfully managing such vast power most of the time is no longer sufficient. Doing a pretty good job no longer works. Making a mistake and then fixing it is no longer an option.

In the nuclear era the room for error we've always counted on in the past is erased, and one bad day is all it takes to end the possibility for further progress. This is what defines the revolutionary new situation we now find ourselves in, a situation which demands perfection from us.

And Now The Bad News

It would be a mistake to assume this article is an act of nuclear weapons activism, because I've referenced nuclear weapons here only because they are an easily accessed illustration of the far larger problem which is their source, and that is our outdated relationship with knowledge.

If nuclear weapons were to all be abducted by aliens, the underlying "more is better" knowledge development process which created the nuclear threat would continue to create more vast powers with the potential for crashing civilization.

Each emerging power of such vast scale will have to be successfully managed every single day forever because a single mistake with a single such power a single time is sufficient to crash the system and prevent the opportunity for renewal.

And Now The Really Bad News

A key fact of the knowledge explosion is that it feeds back upon itself creating an ever accelerating unfolding of new knowledge, and thus new powers. So not only will emerging powers be larger than what we could produce in the past, and not only will there be more such vast powers than currently, but they will arrive on the scene at an ever faster pace.

Ever more, ever larger powers, delivered at an ever faster pace.

Each of these accelerating factors; scale, number, and speed; needs to be graphed against the glacial pace of human maturity development.

And They Said It Couldn't Get Worse

Yep, you guessed it, the most challenging factor is us.

There is actually nothing about thousands of years of human history which suggests that we are capable of the consistently perfect management which powers of vast scale require.

We've been able to survive repeated episodes of murderous insanity and other such mistakes in the past only because the powers available to us were limited. As example, we threw conventional explosives at each other with wild abandon in WWII, and were saved from total destruction only because conventional explosives simply aren't powerful enough to crash civilization.

A simplistic "more is better" relationship with knowledge contains within itself the assumption that human beings will be able to successfully manage any amount of power which emerges from that process.

Simple common sense reveals this assumption to be a wishful thinking fantasy. To those who have children this should be obvious. We sensibly limit the powers available to kids out of the realistic understanding that their ability to manage power is limited.

But then we assume that when children become adults they somehow magically acquire the ability to successfully manage any amount of power that the knowledge explosion may deliver. The irrationality of this assumption is proven beyond doubt by the thousands of hair trigger hydrogen bombs we adults have aimed down our own throats, a stark reality we rarely find interesting enough to comment upon.

A Problem Of Respect

A great irony of our time is that while we typically compete with each other to see who is the greatest supporter of science, we don't actually respect the awesome power of knowledge. What we respect instead is ourselves, our ability to develop knowledge.

What we seem not to grasp in our self flattering immaturity is that knowledge is not our personal property but rather a force of nature which must be respected, managed, controlled, limited, just like water and electricity, and perhaps even more so.

This necessity spells the end of the simplistic "more is better" relationship with knowledge which has defined our past. The extraordinary success of the knowledge explosion has created a revolutionary new environment which we must adapt to. And as is true for all species in all environments, a failure to adapt typically results in a predictable outcome.
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Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2019 11:30 am
I am a quality type of person, so if the information is of good quality, less is equal to more information that is of lesser quality or meaning.

But it is not the amount of information being disseminated which gives me the passion to write - I am very troubled with this day and age regarding information being disseminated altogether.

I believe that the American government has had a tremendous amount of training to do with counter-intelligence and ever since many decades ago in the 20th century these men and women have mastered counter-intelligence operations and agendas. The very hard thing about counter-intelligence is that it is not just lying - it is lying in a designed and intelligent scheme in order to prevent the person being lied to determining that he or she is being lied to. In this day today, we have had a counter-intelligence agenda made by the world/American government and broadcasted through the media to the whole US population.

An example of counter-intelligence is this: the national media understands that the independent news media can be right wing or leftist, meaning that the varying amount of truth is already questionable from these broadcasts and many of them can be considered "fake news" to the people who do not agree with their ideas and beliefs. So the national media comes in and says "beware of fake news broadcasts by the independent media broadcasts" leading everybody to believe that the national media has exposed the lies and we can all listen to them and believe them. That is the whole scheme - point your finger to the people that are lying and or wrong and say that you are the right and honest truth - all while you are knowingly lying ten times worse than any of the independent broadcasts.

People need to learn who to believe: when you have a corporate facist entity telling America one thing, and you have a humble victim inside of a family home saying another based on their experience - how can an intelligent human being even begin to believe the corporate entity over a human being with no reason to lie? There has just been too much of people believing the evil doers over the victims, and I will never ever belief a bad person over an innocent, there are many many things to question in order to eliminate falsehood and get to the truth, but hardly anybody asks questions and forms opinions based on their own research - they just stubbornly believe the liars over the innocents crying and pleading with them.

The youth of the 21st century seems to be oblivious to these serious problems that are happening today. The continuous flow of misinformation and straight up lies just gets sucked into the brains of the youth making them believe it is true. Our spirit, and subconscious knows the issue - but our ego, and conscious has been far too polluted. This leads to a misconception of reality - to drug abuse, to violence, theft, hatred, disrespect - all of the negative things in the world. The world leaders who are evil in their own choice understood what would happen to a community of blacks when they put liquor and gun stores on every corner and put cocaine in the streets. The true culprits, the people that do evil and believe in evil - don't et caught murdering because they have lied to and fooled the whole world as I mentioned above through lying in the media, lying in the history books, lying to no end in the websites, and of course LYING in the school books of our youth. People that do not believe this are outrageously guilty because they don't lift a finger to study any evidence - again they just stubbornly refuse to believe anything they don't want to believe in their head.

I am so happy that life is short, so I don't have to exist with such a huge amount of people on this planet that disregard God, and Truth.

I am also so happy that not one of you foul people who disregard the truth, NOT ONE of you will be able to avoid the questioning and possible punishment that you will receive from God when you die. This is the only thing that allows my mind to be sane when I have to experience the extent of your hypocrisy and contradictions.

So in conclusion we are not outdated because this drastic disinformation scheme on America just started in earnest after 9/11 a few decades ago.
Our relationship with knowledge is dangerous, because the people (freemasons) lying to us and the whole world have been preparing us for a depopulation attempt (as stated by them) and a possible mass nuclear collapse of the planet as we know it - so dangerous YES, so dangerous that I don't have any hope in it being easy for our children if they survive.
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cicerone imposter
Reply Sun 7 Jul, 2019 03:39 pm
It's much more complex than that! It's because human learning and beliefs are based on subjective reasoning, and limited by the quality and quantity of what is available. Children learn from their parents, teachers, church, siblings and peers; not the best environment in which to learn facts and truth. Facts and truth are in the eye of the beholder. It's very complex, and not easily explained. Even in the area of religions, I call it an accident of birth. In other words, children usually follow the religion of their parents. It's not right or wrong; it's factual.
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