It's not over until the fat cat eats

Reply Thu 19 May, 2005 04:01 pm
Hi All!

I found this forum by accident, a few days after I posted the following entry in my blog. Maybe someone knows what's wrong with this creature? He's not really fat, because I try *really* hard to control what he has access to, but he'd be a TON if left to eat what he wanted.

This cat is such a character.

I first realized there were food issues when I left a styrofoam container of edamame pods, wrapped in plastic, on my kitchen counter and an hour later found the empty pods, surrounded by ripped up styrofoam and plastic, on my kitchen floor. He ate the edamame! How ever did he pull them out of the pods...?

Next was a loaf of bread that he ate--minus the crust--after opening the sealed plastic bag. Silly me for leaving bread on my counter.

A few days later, I noticed that he not only learned how to swing open the airtight container that holds his food, but that he figured how to get 3' in the air to get to the shelf where I tried to put it out of his reach!

Not long after that, I noticed that my vitamins were disappearing. I kept them on the counter, too, in a zip-lock freezer bag. I had decided to add omega-3 to my intake (fish oil!) and he was able to smell it inside the bag! He sucked the insides out of the omega-3, the multivitamin, and some ginko gels.

I moved the vitamins to the upper part of the pantry. He has figured out how to open the bottom door, jump to the top shelf, and open the top door and pull my vitamins from the 2nd shelf. One day I hope to catch him in the act of this one.

So the latest installment of this saga happened in my master bathroom. As I was taking a bubble bath, I saw him jump on my sink and start licking my face soap. Thinking that he must've smelled olive oil, glycerin, or some food-like substance, I simply put the soap in the medicine cabinet and forgot about it.

Two days ago, I was in the guest bathroom working on the shower doors. The rathead walks up behind me and starts licking the Ivory soap! What is up with that???

Last night, I should not have eaten that corn on the cob. Or at least not left the remains in the sink instead of cleaning up IMMEDIATELY. He ate an entire corn cob. Well, he ate it, but it came back out again around 4am. Nice wakeup call, that was.

Can anyone help with his food disorder? He is famished at all times of the day, even after eating a whole cup of food. If I let him have all he wants, he will eat himself sick, repeatedly. I have tried with all the vets, but no one believes that he is like this. I don't believe he is like this.

Unfortunately, he is such a character that even people who hate cats think he is unbearably cute. It might be the pink ears, although he just looks like a rathead to me.
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Reply Thu 19 May, 2005 04:34 pm
nyCecilia: you might find The CAT room! (click on the blue words) to be an interesting thread.
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Reply Thu 19 May, 2005 04:39 pm
Cool! A lot of reading to be done, but maybe the solution is somewhere within the 205! pages of odd cat stuff.
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Reply Thu 19 May, 2005 04:41 pm
If you post your question there, you will likely get many responses, and fairly quickly, too . . .

Tell them Setanta said: Grrrrrrrr, woof, woof, pant, pant, pant . . . .
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Reply Thu 19 May, 2005 04:47 pm
Setanta wrote:

Tell them Setanta said: Grrrrrrrr, woof, woof, pant, pant, pant . . . .

Wish I coulda gotten a dog ;-)

Thanks! :-)
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