Biden: Green New Deal

Reply Tue 4 Jun, 2019 07:35 am

Biden is promising the Green New Deal, but as usual it is being framed in terms of money instead of cuts in energy use and other resource-waste. The reason is because Democrats don't want to become unpopular by admitting that reducing greenhouse gas emissions and wasteful land-use/development requires everyone spending and investing less money, not more.

In another article about big Democrat ideas, the various primary candidates are talking about how much they want to raise teacher salaries. Do any of them ask whether teachers should be driving cars instead of using transit and/or riding bicycles for transportation? Do any ask what responsible levels of energy use should be, in kilowatt hours, in order to clarify the meaning of energy waste and set standards for teachers and everyone else to reduce their energy consumption?

No, because Democrats always think in terms of closing the gap with higher-paid people; so if higher-paid people are living in big houses filled with energy-wasting hot air in the winter and cold air in the summer, they whine that teachers and other lower paid people should be entitled to do the same. If higher-paid people own and drive cars everywhere and shop in sprawling areas of retail stores with enough parking for every customer to park a car, they just accept that as the norm instead of noting that it causes deforestation and prevents CO2 from getting absorbed by trees, plants, and animals that could be restored to such areas.

Democrats will definitely subsidize green energy like windmills and solar panels, as well as green technologies like electric vehicles; but they subsidize them in order to inject money into the economy. Those fiscal injections cause the stock markets to grow, and which stimulates spending throughout the economy.

Do you think that the economy and the public are going to reform their unsustainable consumption behaviors and land-use habits when they are spending and making plenty of money? No, successful corporations are going to lobby government to block regulations and policies that would hinder them. Sure, there will be major discussions and efforts toward achieving sustainability, but huge potential gains will be skirted around and overlooked, because those are the ones that would actually be difficult for people to overcome, such as giving up driving and changing lifestyles and transportation patterns to rely on transit and/or bicycling instead of driving.

So the question is why won't Democrats acknowledge that they're going to put the economy first and that doing so is going to undermine their green/sustainability goals? Answer: because fake environmentalism is exactly what society needs to pacify it into fully submitting to economic growth consumerism. Without fake efforts to stop the harm caused by a booming economy, pangs of conscience would resonate throughout the global boom-town they want to create.

Will the Democrats ever change priorities and put the environment and sustainability and climate reform ABOVE economic stimulus and raising wages? I doubt it, but will they ever admit that the two goals are incompatible? No, because that would weaken their (fake) moral basis for juicing up the economy for all the greedy people who vote for them purely because they want to be richer than they already are.

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