Do the German verb “warten” correlate with the Old Slavonic verb “variti”

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Do the German verb “warten” correlate with the Old Slavonic verb "variti/variati" (where "iti" and "iati" are the verb endings).

The verbs "variti/variati" are translated in the Book of Ecclesiasticus (32:10) by the Ancient Greek verb κατα σπεύδω", which corresponds to the Latin verb spēs (expectation).

In my opinion this question is interconnected:
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You keep asking about how (if at all ) various Indo-European words relate to Slavic ones.

It's the same question, over and over again.

Language comes from usage and history. Conquering people bring their language and they often force their subjugated people to speak it. That's one of the reasons why Romance languages are all over Europe-- it's due to the size and duration of the Roman Empire.

Language also comes from usage. Every language has words for man, woman, sun, moon, dog, food, water, etc. It's the most basic stuff. If there's no word for something, people will coin one, either by making something up out of whole cloth (like googol for a 1 with 100 zeroes after it) or by tying it back to linguistic roots (like telephone, where I believe tele is Latin for far, IIRC). Or they'll create back formations. We didn't need the term landline until cell phones got so popular that it became harder to find a phone attached to a wall.

That's it. That's the grand mystery of language. Of course there are a lot of subtle nuances but that's more or less how and why words are the way they are.

PS please, for the love of God, put all of your questions into one topic. You might actually get a discussion going, instead of flooding the forum with topics that people can't wait to vote down so they no longer have to see them. Thank you in advance.
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