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Mon 2 Mar, 2020 03:16 am - Is English home cognate to Lithuanian kaimas or šeima or to both? (view)
Mon 2 Mar, 2020 03:15 am - Are English boss and Turkish baş (head) cognate? (view)
Sun 1 Mar, 2020 04:48 am - Your words are not cognate! (view)
Sat 29 Feb, 2020 07:33 am - Does English have other examples of o / ea ? d[b]o[/b]le / d[b]ea[/b]l h[b]o[/b]t / h[b]ea[/b]t wh[b]o[/b]le / h[b]ea[/b]l (view)
Sat 29 Feb, 2020 07:08 am - Do English and Russian have other pairs with o/е h[b]o[/b]me с[b]е[/b]мья st[b]o[/b]ne ст[b]е[/b]на sn[b]o[/b]w сн[b]е[/b]г tw[b]o[/b] дв[b]е[/b] wh[b]o[/b]le... (view)
Sat 29 Feb, 2020 06:31 am - Do Gothic and Russian have other pairs with ai/е hl[b]ai[/b]fs хл[b]е[/b]б h[b]ai[/b]ms с[b]е[/b]мья h[b]ai[/b]ls ц[b]е[/b]лый d[b]ai[/b]ljan д[b]е[/b]лить... (view)
Fri 14 Feb, 2020 05:11 am - Could Ruki sound law be a "Satem" variant of Verner's law (Rhotacism)? I mean Proto-Indo-European s changes to z (r) in Germanic, Italic, Hellenic but Proto-Indo-European s... (view)
Tue 11 Feb, 2020 10:30 am - Why are English Old English [b]o[/b]ld [b]ea[/b]ld c[b]o[/b]ld c[b]ea[/b]ld b[b]o[/b]ld b[b]ea[/b]ld h[b]o[/b]ld h[b]ea[/b]ldan f[b]o[/b]ld f[b]ea[/b]ldan but g[b]o[/b]ld g[b]o[/b]ld... (view)
Tue 7 Jan, 2020 09:21 pm - I found out that: Gothic *juk means yoke. Gothic gajuk means pair. Gothic gajuko means parable. English pair is from Latin par. English parable is from Ancient Greek... (view)
Tue 7 Jan, 2020 09:14 pm - I know that Armenian ուզում ես (uzum es) is translated as "thou want" where ես (es) is the second-person singular present form of եմ (em) "to be". Could PS... (view)
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