Is Turkey in Europe or in Asia?

Wed 14 Mar, 2012 11:03 am
It is not your view that counts - it is the border on a map.
Wed 25 Apr, 2012 02:50 am
Its an Eurasian country and its bordered by eight countries Bulgaria , Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan ,Nakhchivan and Iran and Iraq and Syria to the southeast.
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Sat 21 Jul, 2012 12:02 am
Turky is located western Asia.
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Sat 8 Sep, 2012 05:00 pm
Hmmm!Francis you really look like a turk who fakely pretends to be european changing the name but anyone can easily sense that the fact that you are just a turk in your brown anatolian color as i have:)

Let me tell you everyone a few of the truth before the Kemalist-Saudi owned government send me to their jails.
There are a lot of things about Anatolian history that are kept from the people in Turkey because of the dictatorship(turco-arabic islamist imperialism), the regime, historical Kemalist ideology and now Post Kemalo-Qubist administration the AKP(well oil sponsored by Saudi crime family and 55 percantagely voted by turkish people).
Think about it, there used to be a completely different ethnic, religious, linguistic and cultural reality in Anatolia before Muslim conquest. Most people spoke Greek and other Indo-European languages and a few of them who were in Administration parts of the Ottoman Empire spoke just Arabic.
For instance Luwite People during the bronze age of Anatolia reminds me alevite people of modern Anatolia that were firstly christianized in Hellenistic period, later islamized in Ottoman rule pretends to be muslim without believing to quran, attending to mosques or marrying to non alevite ones(marrying to armenians were an exception during ooooppsss! to survive victims) and although there has been always declared in the constitution that The Republic of Turkey is very(never ever exists on the action!!!!!) secular state some people in Turkey still struggle to express their own cultural, religious or personal point of views.I am raised in Bosporus part of Turkey and had lots of islamic humuliation so how in the world europeans had islamic racism against to non muslim sects who was belong to a race that there is even no color differencies Smile ?
Anyway almost all part of Turkey even the Bosphoric side that you mentioned are full of mixed with the different kind of Anatolian People and especially have strong ties to Eastern parts too.

Just forgive me Smile those were the real life experiences that i have had.I wish Anatolian People and the other kind of Regions people would just be themselves while staying on a respectful side to person human beings and non person-human beings!
Go Vegan!!!
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Sat 8 Sep, 2012 05:07 pm

Oh sorry! As a religious minority individual of Neo Islamist European Empire the Turkey chick i am totally agree with him! despite the KEmalist regime's very islamic bias actions the post kemalist regime has no difference too!
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Thu 15 Nov, 2012 09:21 pm
Hello Community,

Turkey is in Europe and Asia, like Russia. Nearly 95% amount of land is located in Asia, but a small section including the half of Istanbul is in Europe.

Best Regards,
Abelard Balthasar
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Mon 19 Nov, 2012 06:28 pm
Turkey does indeed have similarities in culture and cuisine with the Balkan states you mention. The reason is that they were once Ottoman dominions, into which the Turks implanted their influence. They are not native to the Balkans, but Turkish. By the same token, the Ottoman Empire stretched across North Africa and the Arabian peninsula. Their influence is felt in the same way in many parts of these old dominions too. It does not make Turkey an Arab country, or a North African one.

Turkey is geographically almost all in Asia. The part of Thrace it occupies is almost an afterthought. Spain, by the same token, which includes the Canaries, Ceuta and Melilla, is not generally considered an African country and is not desperately applying to join the African Union (although in the present time that might not be a bad idea).

The arguments for a "European" Turkey are mostly geopolitical and are biased for an agenda which, from the European perspective, desires Turkish strategic position, strong military and massive workforce. The same reason Turkey is a NATO nation. From the Turkish perspective there has been a strong "westernizing" movement since Ataturk which seeks to raise living standards to those of the "west" and be recognized as a modern state. This has more to do with an inferiority complex inherited from the decline of the Ottomans, than with any reality of geography or cultural history.

Turkey's place is not with the European nations. Its natural affinities lie far closer to Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan etc. It is now fortunate to be stronger now than many European nations. For its own sake, I hope it is not sucked into the disastrous EU.
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Adeolu Okenla
Thu 20 Dec, 2012 12:21 pm
The fact that Fernebache, Antayalspor and other turkish football clubs play in the European champions league and not the Asian champions league shows that Turkey sees itself as belonging to Europe and not Asia. What a good yardstick!
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Tue 8 Jul, 2014 05:11 am
Christians that follow the bible are also required by the Christian bible to cover their women's hair. Jesus said clearly that if a women hoes to church without her hair covered then her hair should be shaven off. This is stated in the bible, period. There are Christian countries in Asia and Africa but that does not make them European. Religion has nothing to do with geography. Furthermore, the Quran only confirms the bible. It was always Islam. Jesus never ever said he was god or the son of god, rather he always said he is the son of man, meaning of Adam. Like Adam had no mother or father, Jesus had no father. Virgin Mary gave birth to Jesus because God put the spirit of Jesus in her just like God put the spirit of life in Adam out of nothing. A women that dresses modest has more respect and higher status in society. That is why Islamic women dress modest and even choose to cover their hair. So do Jewish women. So did Christian women even inhe US as recent as the 1950's or so women would cover their hair before visiting church. Dressing modestly is not opression but rather gives women dignity. If dressing like a prostitute was freedom, then behaving like one would be considered freedom. We all know that is ridiculous, what person wants their daughters to dress like a piece of meat on display. Basically religion can be within any country, and covering ones hair or not does not dictate if you are European or African or whatever. Culture does not dictate geography either, just like any culture can be anywhere. So your post was a little too simplistic as well as inaccurate. Turkish people are muslim mostly, they also happen to be white, turkey is by Greece, and if Cyprus is European but lies closer to Lebanon, then turkey is European as well. Travel insurance and airports don't consider turkey Asian either. If you travel to Turkey, you will wait in line under the Europe flights.
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Wed 16 Nov, 2016 12:53 am
@Merry Andrew,
Turkey is in Asia
Thu 17 Nov, 2016 04:39 pm
jacklinjot wrote:

Turkey is in Asia

and Europe!
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Wed 1 Feb, 2017 11:23 pm
You are very right about this. Turkey is partly European, and partly Asian. The question is?? How do the Turkey people feel. ? I am Dutch and we have a lot of Turkey people living here.
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Wed 1 Sep, 2021 12:45 pm
I think the strait between the Black Sea & the Mediterranean Sea is considered a dividing-line between Eastern Europe & Western Asia.

Look at how Turkey firmly adjoins the other West Asian countries, contrasted with its water separation from Europe. Turkey, the Anatolian Peninsula, is a peninsula of West Asia.

And the current inhabitants of Turkey are a Turkic people, who originally came from North Asia (in the former USSR).

The ancient Hittite Empire held territory in the Anatolian (now Turkish) Peninsula, and the Hittites were Indo-European. But of course the Indo-European people migrated all the way into India too (hence their name).
Wed 1 Sep, 2021 04:07 pm
The OP posted this 16 years ago. Furthermore, the last activity on it was over 5 years ago. Though, that doesn’t disqualify your comments. As a suggestion, in the future You might want to look at post’s date stamp.
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