Sending Migrants to Sanctuary Cities

Reply Sat 13 Apr, 2019 08:26 am
Some recent headlines have said Trump wants to send migrants to sanctuary cities as a political weapon against liberals. This strikes me a bit like the Democrats sending the 'deplorables' to the GOP to instigate further hate and polarization against Trump, but that comparison might create more confusion than clarity.

Now the new mayor of Chicago has made headlines by saying that migrants are welcome, which is actually a logical response to Trump's 'threat.'

The problem is whether you believe that migrants are invulnerable to recruitment by organized criminals and traffickers, regardless of whether they are at the southern border or in Chicago. In short, do liberals think that organized criminals/traffickers just ignore the possibility of using economically/politically-vulnerable people to do their dirty work? The less someone has to lose, the easier they are to buy for sinister purposes, no? Of course we can hope that there are morally-strong people who resist cooperating with criminals for money, no matter how desperate they get; but should we realistically assume the best and ignore the possibility of the worst occurring in some if not many cases?

On the bright side of this depressing suspicion of linkage between social/political/economic vulnerability and crime-recruitment, there is opportunity. That opportunity is for law enforcement to forge relationships with potentially-vulnerable people, such as migrants, and thus gather information about criminals who approach them for recruitment.

At best, this strategy would help catch crime-recruiters and/or deter such recruiters from approaching people to begin with; but if they were completely deterred, then the program would seem like a waste of time/money and would probably ultimately be cancelled due to budget/personnel reasons. At that point, criminals would probably become aware of the waning interest in the program and they would begin trying to recruit people into crime at that time.

Another possibility is that crime-friendly people could covertly insert themselves into such programs as a way of facilitating crime-recruitment using the very programs created to avert it.

Of course migration isn't the only thing that makes people socially/economically/politically vulnerable to crime-recruitment, but it is worth considering that whenever we pretend like crime is not organized and aggressively active in the shadows of society, we are basically feeding innocent people into its grasp. For this reason, lib/DEM efforts to normalize migrants and other vulnerable minorities against negative stereotypes, as noble a cause as that is, simultaneously helps create a smokescreen for criminality to operate behind.

Somehow we need to simultaneously acknowledge and respect the fundamental dignity of all people regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, economic class, etc. while ALSO acknowledging that the prejudices that continue to exist are exploited by organized crime and trafficking to abuse people in ways that may make them more money than they would otherwise be making, but nevertheless exploit them and others in the process, because that is what crime and trafficking do.
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