Mathematics ends in contradiction-an integer=a non-integer

Thu 10 Jan, 2019 06:11 pm
Hi You might find this paper interesting and controversial . It proves
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1)Mathematics/science end in contradiction-an integer=a non-integer. When mathematics/science end in contradiction it is proven in logic that you can prove anything you want in mathematics ie you can prove Fermat's last theorem and you can disprove Fermat's last theorem

The paper proves

1 is a finite number it stops
A finite decimal is one that stops, like 0.157
A non-finite decimal like 0.999... does not stop
when a finite number 1 = a non-finite number 0.999.. then maths ends in contradiction

another way

1 is an integer a whole number
0.888... is a non-integer it is not a whole number
0.999... is a non-integer not a whole number
when a integer 1 =a non-integer 0.999... maths ends in contradiction

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Thu 10 Jan, 2019 10:21 pm
Merely a matter of convenient use of symbols. In its essence Mathematics is a compact shorthand language, and I doubt that any who make such equalities are concerned about the difference between integers and real numbers in the rare occasions in which such "equalities" are noted,
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Sat 23 May, 2020 03:34 pm
Hmmm, then tell us what 1 - .9999... equals! I don't see a contradiction in recognizing that .9999... approaches 1 as its limits, and, therefore, can be considered equal.
Sun 14 Jun, 2020 06:24 am
yeah, no contradiction....1 does NOT equal .999999........., mathematicians don't say the quantities are the equal....they say the limit of .999999...... approaches 1.............maybe in High School they teach the two as equal, but that is wrong
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Sun 14 Jun, 2020 07:23 am
Maybe it’s an appeal to (Or denial of) quantum mechanics, where there is an absolute limit to anything. Including how close any two things can get without overlapping.

But when you’re that close, who cares?
Sun 14 Jun, 2020 08:14 am
yes...no matter how close you get to 1 with.9999999....., I can get closer
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Sat 29 Aug, 2020 01:38 am
Don't confuse numerals with numbers.
The numbers are right; the numerals can be confusing.
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Sat 29 Jan, 2022 06:52 am
Long ago a guy said "an arrow will never reach it's target, because first it must travel half the distance, then it must travel half the remaining distance, and so on"

They shot him with an arrow XD
Sun 30 Jan, 2022 06:00 pm
Could you be any more vague?
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