Why does my puppy hate being outside?

Reply Fri 1 Apr, 2005 01:18 pm
I have a six month old hairless Chinese Crested puppy and I have not been able to take her out for even one walk since I got her last week. Everytime I take her outside on the leash and put her down on the ground she starts shivering like crazy. Since she is hairless I always put a sweater on her so I'm not sure that she is shivering from the cold, I think she is just nervous, or maybe a little of both. Whenever I try to get her to walk she struggles and shakes to get loose from the leash. She even tried hiding under a car while we were outside. She has not once actually taken a walk since I got her, nor has she gone to the bathroom outside. When I pick her up and put her on grass she just stands there and looks at me. She is normally a very smart dog so I don't think that is the problem. I think she just hates being outside. She is really good at going to the bathroom on her pee pads in the house, but I need to start training her to go outside. What can I do?
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Bella Dea
Reply Fri 1 Apr, 2005 01:23 pm
Many puppies have a very hard time with leash training. It isn't abnormal. Also, she is probably scared to death of outside because she is never out there and when she is you are tying her up and trying to drag her along. (I know you don't actually do that but think about what it must seem like to her) Also, is it loud out there? Cars or anything like that?Watch for her signs when she is ready to pee or poo....and then run her outside. When she finally does go out doors, reward her with love and kisses and hugs. Also, maybe you could go outside and sit on the grass with her. Don't sit her on the grass but hold her in your arms. After a while, perhaps you could put her on the grass in front of you. Let her see it is nothing to be scared of. Some dogs are just timid. She might never like walks.
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Reply Fri 1 Apr, 2005 01:26 pm
You do not say where you live, but I'm willing to bet, given the time of year, your puppy is cold.
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Steve 41oo
Reply Fri 1 Apr, 2005 01:33 pm
Its either agrophobia
Hypersensitive doggy fashion sense re pullover
Or aversion to out side bathroom facilities

(I share the latter)
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Reply Fri 1 Apr, 2005 02:48 pm
Perhaps other animals have been moving through your yard? Where do you live? If I was a hairless chinese puppy and smelled a mountain lion, I'd be shaking too.
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Duke of Lancaster
Reply Wed 13 Apr, 2005 05:45 pm
I have a pure maltese. Her name is fluffy. When she was a tiny one she hated the outdoors, and preferred to stay indoors and be naughty. Fluffy loved to eat and destroy things, she never had a bed because she destroyed it.
She now likes going out doors, but I only take her out past midnight because she's notorious for biting and running after people. Fluffy's favourite food is still candy; fluffy loves candy that's all she wants to eat.
One thing that my fluffy hates is if you wake her up while she's sleeping. If you disturbed fluffy's sleeps, she'll bite your finger off with her razor sharp little teeth. Indeed, fluffy is a naughty one.
One thing that fluffy loves to do is stand by the window and get some fresh air. She loves getting the sun in her face while the mild wind blows in her body.
I've tried to teach fluffy manners, but she never liked to be taught anything. It's always her way! She really hates when I don't give her candy or when I hide it.
I recently took a picture of fluffy for her doggy passport, of course it's not authentic but it serves as an ID for whenever I travel outside the US with her.
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