Psychology or Social Work Degree?

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I am in school for a few specialized associates degrees in the field of mental health and counseling, but I was thinking about also getting a transfer degree if I ever end up deciding once I'm in the field to get a bachelor's/masters for a better job; That way I don't have to start back at square one with a whole different Associates. I was comparing between the psychology transfer degree or the social work one, and honestly it will take me less time to get the Social Work associates since it overlaps more with classes from the degrees I am already getting. But I don't want to cut off my options as far as the overall field of psychology if I decide I want to turn counseling into pursuing a higher paying therapist career. I know a psych degree can qualify you for going into social work schooling but I don't know if a social work degree is too specialized to qualify me for higher education in psychology. Does anybody know how this works? Hopefully someone already in the field? I don't want to ever be a full-on social worker, I'd much rather work the entry levels of the field and if I decide I want to make more money one day I will try for some sort of psychologist. They are seen as the same in a lot of aspects but different enough for me to question how much it all really overlaps as far as a university is concerned. Any information is appreciated.
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Usually, when it comes to undergrad, get the best grades you can at the best possible school. It's also helpful to go where you can make good contacts. Often AA and even BA degrees don't matter much and can even be interchangeable when it comes to careers and graduate schools.

The main outliers where you should really stick to specific programs:
  • Medicine - it might not have to be an actual pre-med program, but it really should be in the hard sciences so you're not playing catch up. That means biology or chemistry, with psychology as a third choice and physics as a distant fourth choice
  • Medically-related fields - these are fields like nursing, physical therapy, etc. You'd probably have to take all of those classes anyway
  • Engineering - you'll also be playing catch up if you don't get a BS in engineering
And... that's about it. Law, for example, lots of people seem to think you need a poli sci degree for it. You don't, and you'll do better in admissions when you have something else like philosophy (I did) or nursing (the top guy in my class was an RN before getting his JD) or anything else (I also went to school with Pat Quinn, who'd been a coach for the Flyers).

So, all that having been said, get your AA in the field where (a) you can get the best grades; (b ) you can make the best contacts; and (c ) save the most money when it comes to going for your BA.
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Reply Sun 21 Oct, 2018 08:25 pm
Most social workers burn out relatively quickly. You should check such, and make an informed decision as to which topic you want to you. Of course, your temperament way be well suited to it.
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