All of Robert Mueller’s indictments and plea deals in the Russia investigation so far.

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Setanta wrote:
The bulk of this is opinion, and ill-informed opinion at that.
That is incorrect. As usual I have posted accurate facts.

Setanta wrote:
The nudging you allege is illusory.
No it isn't. The US really does push our non-democratic allies towards democracy and civil rights.

Setanta wrote:
your fantasy world.
The fact that the US promotes freedom and democracy around the world isn't a fantasy. We really do this.

Setanta wrote:
The government of Israel is little different because every government since 1947 has been held hostage by the Zionist minority, who will form a coalition with any party, especially Likud, the charter of which calls for the destruction of the Palestinian state, a direct violation of UN General Assembly Resolution 181 which established the Israel-Palestine state in 1947. It is absolute bullshit that Zionists are a majority. According to Haaertz, 22% of Israelis identify themselves as religious Zionists.
I was taking Zionist to mean anyone who wants Jews to be allowed to live in peace in their own homeland. As far as political parties go, the Israeli government is hostage to their voters only in the sense that all democratic governments are hostage to their voters.

GA 181 has no legal force. And in any case, the Arabs have violated it far more than the Israelis could ever do.

Setanta wrote:
It is also bullshit that the oil in Iran belongs, or ever belonged to the Brits.
That is incorrect. The Brits put in a ton of hard work developing Iran's oil fields, and that oil was payment for all the hard work they did.

Setanta wrote:
A constitutional assembly formed in 1906, and when Mirza became Shah in 1907 and lured the cabinet to meet with him, he locked them up, and a civil war began. In 1909, Mirza locked up members of the Majlis (the constitutional assembly) but then had to flee, and he sought asylum in the Russian embassy. Russian troops moved on the Majlis, and in November, a second Majlis was formed. They granted the concession to the failing Anglo-Persian Oil Company, which could get new lease on life if they could produce the petroleum for the new Dreadnought class of ships, which otherwise would have been purchased from the United States. The D'Arcy license was taken over by the Anglo-Persian Oil Company in 1909, and every government from 1911 onward asserted their exclusive right to grant or terminate concessions. The Brits started peeing in their pants when Mossadegh sent a bill to the Majlis to terminate the APOC concession and that is what lead to the 1953 coup.
The Brits had a legitimate grievance. After all the work that they had done developing Iran's oil fields, Mossadegh was trying to cut them out of the profits.

Setanta wrote:
Not only were clerics not involved,
The clerics were very much involved. It was their desire to overthrow Mossadegh that led to the coup.

Setanta wrote:
but their opposition to Pahlavi's new regime lead to the CIA introducing Israeli Mossad agents to the Shah's regime. They set up SAVAK, the Shah's not-terribly-secret police, and Israeli agents in Iran did the kidnapping, torture and murders which lead to Iran's present day hatred of Israel.
SAVAK was brutal because the Shah gave them brutal orders. The US did our best to push the Shah away from this brutality.

Iran hates Israel because Iranians are antisemitic nutcases.

Setanta wrote:
You just don't display ignorance, you get everything not just wrong,
Note that no one has been able to point out any facts that I am wrong about.

Setanta wrote:
you stand everything about these matters on their heads.
Facts are dramatically contrary to leftwing propaganda. That doesn't make facts invalid.

Setanta wrote:
As you obviously don't know what the hell you're talking about, I won't waste any more time on you.
I know exactly what I am talking about. That is why no one can point out any facts that I am wrong about.
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