Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2005 03:09 am
My wife and myself have a 10 year old female tabby cat which we love dearly.She is very friendly with us and loves to be handled and played with,and sits on my knee.

She goes out a fair bit usually going for short walks or sitting on the roof! She doesn't seem to sit with any other cats.Although she doesn't fight with other cats either.The worst seems to be when she and another cat sit and stare at each other for ages till one or other slips away.

The question is. My wife would love another cat.What do you think the reaction would be? should we get a couple of kittens,should we get a young adult?,male or female? Or should we leave things as they are?
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Debra Law
Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2005 05:25 am
I couldn't imagine having only one! LOL

I have a 9 year old calico and an 8 year old tabby, both females. The calico is sweet and motherly; the tabby is tempermental (crabby) and jealous.

Last October, we acquired a new cat -- another female just a few months old. Of course, our sweet calico cat just loves the new one . . . but NOT crabby tabby. After all these months, crabby tabby still has not accepted the new girl. We still have to put up with hissy fits, chasing, slapping . . . fur flying . . . Sad

But, crabby tabby has always had behavioral problems and personality quirks. If you have a good-natured cat like my old calico, getting a new cat shouldn't be a problem.

I absolutely love my girls . . . but as far as having my heart totally captured by an animal . . . that would have been the young, homeless male cat that "wormed" his way into my home last summer. OMG . . . I fell so in love with him! He was killed on the highway and I cried so hard . . . so what could I do? I adopted his homeless sister and found a home for another one of his sisters . . . (I'm still heartbroken!)

If you can give a home to another one, I sure hope you do . . . there are so many in need of good homes!
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Debra Law
Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2005 05:34 am
If you have room for two . . . all the better . . . go to your local shelter and let them know you are looking for siblings to adopt. Litter mates already know how to play joyfully together, and your older tabby will probably have lots of fun watching them play and probably will want to join in on some of the fun.
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Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2005 05:48 am
Thanks for the advice. I'm so sorry to read of your loss,our tabby is grey and I worry when she is out as she is sort of the same color as the road,especially when it starts to get dusk.

I know all about that one worming in to your life, as this one just moved in with us when we moved into the house! How do cats know when there is a vacancy?
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Debra Law
Reply Sun 13 Mar, 2005 02:00 pm
My girls are strictly house cats.

Early last summer, a litter of kittens was born in my neighbor's fenced-in junk yard. (I live in the country . . . not too far from the highway). I first noticed the kittens around mid-June when they were playing in my yard. I should have scooped all of them up right then and there and found homes for them . . . but I thought they were the neighbor's kittens and my "stealing" the kittens would cause big problems.

If I had only known then what I know now . . . but the neighbor never took care of kittens that I thought were his . . . he never found them homes . . . and they just continued to grow older. One of them came crying at my window and door on a daily basis . . . and it broke my heart . . . and I began feeding him and letting him in the house. He stole my heart. I named him "Lover Boy." Even though my man said we couldn't have another cat, I was "working" on him. Smile

Lover Boy was killed on the highway. My man and I BOTH cried our eyes out. We both blamed ourselves. The same day that Lover Boy was killed, we went out and found two of his homeless sisters and "saved" them . . . something we should have done for Lover Boy. We kept one and found a good home for the other.

We now have THREE cats -- all female -- and NONE of them are allowed outside.

I now have a cage . . . and I told my man that I'm going out kitten hunting this spring and summer . . . and if I find any . . . I'm SAVING THEM.

I hope you and your wife decide to provide a home for one or two more of these sweet animals. The need for good homes is GREAT, but there are never enough to go around.
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