Are my drinks and food being spiked?

Reply Fri 29 Jun, 2018 09:41 am
Hi guys, I need you opinions. This is a serious question and actually I'm pretty stressed right now I'm in panic mode.

I work in a hotel bar in a ski-resort. Now im doing summer season. My collegues are all international. I just came to realize that 3 of the employees got together. (apparently 2 bisexual guys and 1 bisexual woman) I just realized that they were and are trying to so to say turn me. I am 100% straight with a wife who I love to death and who is on an other continent right now until the end of my season.
They don't believe that I've got a wife etc. and theyre teasing me nonstop with it. I used to hang with them after work before I knew how they were standing. Many times I left drinks and snacks at their place which I picked up later next day and so on. I realized some changes in my mood and behaviour in the last 5 months. ( I worked here from December until April and now from April until end of August.)

They've been thinking that I'm bisexual I just haven't accepted it yet. They're 100% wrong. I know who I am and what I want. The woman works in the kitchen and sometimes brings me food. I think my food and drinks are spiked with feminime hormone tablets or something.

I was visiting my wife between the 2 seasons. She noticed that

- I sometimes don't feel like having sex with her (surprising concidering how much I love her, how hot she is, and how much time we spend away from eachother)
- I lost 4-5 kilograms even tho I've been training with dumbells.
- I am most of the time down, I don't feel motivated to do anything, I get tired fast, general exhaustion without any reason.
- Loss of apetite. Losing weight.

I also noticed that more and more often I take sitting positions that are really considered to be female legpositions. Sometimes as I gesticulate and notice what I'm doing with my hands I think to myself woow that looks super feminime.

These are some of the sympthoms of taking estrogen injection/pills for male.

I'm thinking of a conspiracy theory right now. Do you guys think it's possible that they've been giving me estrogen without my knowlege hoping that it would change me and make me more willing of joining them? I tried to research and find something about a topic people spiking others drink and food with feminime hormones but I didn't find anything.

Right now I'm thinking about having myself tested to show whether my hormones are in balance but I don't really know which doctor to go to.

I am curious about your opinions and observations.

I am so panicking right now.
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Reply Fri 29 Jun, 2018 09:46 am
It seems unlikely that someone would spike your food. They wouldn't gain anything by doing so, and they would risk a lot by doing so. It also seems like they can torment you just fine without it.

My advice, is that you should talk to a therapist. Weight loss and loss of sex drive are signs of depression (understandable given your stressful workplace).

Talking to a therapist will give you someone who will listen to you and give you a professional, non-biased opinion. Going to the doctor too is probably not a bad idea. Depression is a medical condition, they can check your hormone levels, but it is possible that something else is going on.

Please see someone to get help, feeling stressed is not fun.
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Reply Fri 29 Jun, 2018 10:41 am
I agree - go to a doctor. Whether this is a result of spiking your food or drink or it is not, there is obviously something going on with your body. I would think a general practitioner would be a start. Tell this doctor everything you said here. From there the doctor should check you medically and maybe determine if it is symptoms of depression where s/he could refer you to a counselor.

In either case, if you body is changing and you are having physical issues - start with a doctor.
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Reply Fri 29 Jun, 2018 01:46 pm
Don't listen to these 2.

You have overshot bisexual and have turned gay, and there is no going back.

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