my former friend?

Reply Tue 6 Mar, 2018 02:46 pm
I have a problem with a former friend, wether we split up or it just died. The second is most likely alternative.
Something that I've noticed is that people have trouble or is not coping with their surrounding. Maybe people are up to
stuff that they don't want to do, they have bills from their academic studies and little kids etc, but this guy accuses
people of being jealous sometimes, so I'm very careful how I talk to the person, like he's psychotic which could be somethnig
that's realistic. A drug induced psychosis. I joke with him and talk in a representative way in a third person perspective. I wanted different a besides we live in a very troubled area, what you call a projet. There's been alot of violence but there's
also calm areas equivelent to suburbia. Whenever I hear someone opening their mouth it's just a load of bullshit, they think it's jealosy when in facts it's the sad
truth. The ghetto carries on wether organisations dies, the cops bust some place or people die. There's gonna live people here
to the next ice-age. I don't want to accuse my friend of being gay, but we're still in the game and riding the second wave.
Some of us still in school, but he and his friends seems to lost it completly. I am afraid that they're still in our ass, or that
they're lying to the authorities. From what I heard in high-school was that they drank every weekend, and a new rumour that's
surfaced that they raped his male friends analy. I've also heard that he's starred in a child pornography. I am very scared
and act very conious, I was accepted in school again so my life's fine at the moment. What happends? I am scared that I will
be murdered, people seems to be in spite. I lived on the hill and barely saw other people, but we spent alot of time for about
10 years. I wish them well everyday and hope that they will survive the drug wave that's going on with fentanyl and stuff. But
I'm not sure, and we had very little insight in their lives, more than visits. I sometimes visit the old places we spent time at
but now it's time to move on and I'm not sure that everyone's in the boat. I've seen some nasty hate-crime, a latina woman with syfilis, a russian man who been skull fucked and a taiwanese man with a infection on his face. I called the cops everytime.
This place is notorious for it's treatment of people in the street, but is not mentioned alot in the newspapers. Everyone know where the drugs are, and everyone know what happends if you **** around. It's gotten alot better but then new drugs came out and a big rise of drug dealing.

There's transexuals everywherre and I was once very close to some real G's who bashed an old mans skull with a hammer, so I am very careful who I approach and how I act. I'm in the middle of studying for a test right now and can't deal with these big problems! A little help?
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Reply Wed 7 Mar, 2018 11:11 am
Learn to detach from these guys and resist the pull into their lifestyle.

Find friends who live elsewhere
Reply Wed 7 Mar, 2018 03:27 pm

Thanks, that's what I thought aswell and was also insisted by peers and the state also gave this advice, but you never know. I try to avoid confrontations and Walking around without directions. I also closed some of my accounts and spend my time awake during the day time.
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Reply Wed 7 Mar, 2018 03:55 pm
It's just very immobilizing when he acts like a diva in a real ghetto with a lot of drugs and prostitutes. Things have gotten worse since we were brought up here, and you know if you been notified by the thugs. I wish he would change his ways!!!!
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Reply Thu 8 Mar, 2018 10:42 am
I wonder what makes him Think that the way be behaves is OK. And what makes him to not respect other people. I am not homo or bisexual and wants to be left alone. If you try to kidnap me i might punsch you in your face, self-defense. I don't care about your hidden threats, I ask you to leave straight men alone when they're on ttheir way to work or to school. And stop molest Little Children and being manipulative.
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