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Reply Sat 16 Sep, 2017 11:50 am
Hello. I am not a poet writer and eventually I end up using poetry generators to help me come up with ideas. But, I need help with writing 3 poems mostly about my life. But, if someone could at least guide me into it, that would be nice. Or give me some suggestions, or write a small poem about common events in everyone's life. Here are the exercises:
~~Grunt Poem: A grunt poem gives the reader a new perspective of an everyday event.
1. Describe a common event in your life (eating breakfast, doing homework, watching television, whatever); be very descriptive and include much detail.
2. Drop all the words that are not nouns or verbs or adjectives (but drop all articles); keep the order of the remaining words the same.

~~Essence of Music Poem: This poem will convey the essence of one kind of music.
1. Choose a genre of music (hip-hop, blues, metal, classical, bluegrass, country, rock, ska, reggae, jazz, emo, whatever).
2. Think about the themes and images common to this kind of music.
3. Think about how this kind of music sounds–rhythms, rhymes, alliteration, etc.
4. Write a short poem (20-30 lines) that imitates both the ideas of this kind of music and its sound.

~~Snapshot of a Family Poem: This poem will allow the reader to see a glimpse of your family asyou see them.
1. Think of an event that is representative of your family–something you do as a group
that is typical of you, whether you like it or not. This could be a family drive, going tailgating before a football game, eating dinner together (at home or in a restaurant), doing yardwork, going to church, watching a movie, whatever.
2. Write a poem that describes the event. Be sure to describe the event, the place, the time, and the people. Do not tell us what they feel, but show us–think of photos you have seen of people and how you can tell from their stance, their expressions, their body language exactly what is going on in their heads.
3. Choose a form for the poem which reflects the content. That is, a formal event might best be represented by a formal kind of poem (sonnet, for example), while a more casual event might better be served by free verse. Think about it.

I really cannot think of anything. I do not know how to start it or what events to pick.
Suggestions, a start, or ideas might be nice. Thank you. Smile
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Reply Sat 16 Sep, 2017 01:26 pm
You can handle all three of these poetry exercises.

Grunt poem - tell about something you do daily. Riding a bus, washing dishes, writing in a journal/diary. Describe it by writing it out as your thoughts and then follow the instructions given to you in step 2.

Essence of music poem - select the type of music you most enjoy and then describe it. Put those words into a rhythm or see how they would work along with your favorite song and alter the words to make it run smoothly.

Family poem- it's rather straightforward in the instructions. If you don't have any family, create in your mind an ideal family!

For all poetry, start by putting pen to paper (or fingers to computer keyboard) and let your thoughts flow. Then make alterations as you go along. Read it aloud and try to get a friend, schoolmate or relative to listen to it and respond.

Reply Sat 16 Sep, 2017 05:07 pm
Thank you! So far I did the first two. I am trying to figure out what it is talking about when it says to drop everything that isn't a noun..etc. Then there would be just a bunch of words that have no meaning.
I am also, now, trying to figure out how to do the third and fourth poem. Ugh. This is too much. So stressed right now.
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