How do you like your eggs, eh?

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Nobody but me is telling egg stories, sigh.

One more:

I got my driver's license early, at sixteen, but didn't own a car until out of school and having enough of an income to actually buy one via payments, at the age of 26.
I bought a brand new Volkswagen convertible. It was, if I remember, tan. I had it immediately painted chocolate brown.

I also got my first apartment during a lot of family stress (never mind). It was essentially a tack-on shack behind a duplex.

One day I came out in front of the place to find my new car messed up, egged, on Halloween night. I reacted badly, washing it with hot water, which I soon learned was a no-no. Cripes, I had to have it painted again.

<liking the comments and recipes>
That was on Beverly Glen Boulevard, an LA street I've long remembered as liking, despite this aggravation.
Reply Tue 22 Aug, 2017 01:07 pm
Nobody but me is telling egg stories...

Um, I don't know that I have any.

...unless you include the one. https://able2know.org/topic/177937-1
Reply Tue 22 Aug, 2017 02:32 pm
I liked it, good story, well told..
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Reply Sat 26 Aug, 2017 05:19 am
just saw this last night and posted a response that ound up in Sturgis thread about busting eggs on his foot (Very Kinky but a waste of food)

I cook my eggs very very carefully cause I like to dip my toast into the golden yolk. Its a skill and an art that was taught me by Alton Brown (I just saw it on tv about 15 yars ago an I still use his method)
Th results are "over very easy" style where none of the yolk "sets up"
Anothr way I like my ggs is pickled hard boiled eggs(Either reb beet juice of raspberry balsamic and Cider vingar oak. Very tasty
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