Reply Tue 7 Dec, 2004 06:18 am
I have a 3 month old kitten who seems to be getting more hyper by the day (thats putting it mildly) especially after I started feeding her kitten chow. She plays with everything, including things that are not there. She doesn't respond to no, (I do use a water bottle)and though she isn't destructive, her constant playing is keeping me up at night and is also keeping us from having quality time together. She is very skiddish and jumps even when the house creaks. The problem is too, when I put her out of my room after she insists on playing all through the night or thinking its "pet me" time at 3 in the morning, she cries for over an hour. Is there any thing I can do?
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Reply Tue 7 Dec, 2004 06:30 am
Oh dear! Laughing Behaving like an active little kitten, I see! Maybe think of some ways to use up some of that energy before bedtime? Have you considered a companion cat?
You are going to have to be firm, if you want to sleep through the night. Maybe finding a place away from your bedroom for her to sleep would be a good idea.
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Reply Tue 7 Dec, 2004 06:32 am
And welcome to A2K, jop! Very Happy
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Debra Law
Reply Tue 7 Dec, 2004 06:45 am
babies play
Our newest cat (Sally) is about 6 1/2 months old. She still loves to play. Kittens are just full of energy and love lots of playful attention. Make sure she has several toys to entertain herself and engage in riveting games of catch the string, etc.

For her skiddishness, you might want to consider buying a cloth or tapestry cat carrier (not the hard plastic one, but the tote-bag type). Our newest kitten LOVES her "bag." We call her the little "bag lady" because she loves to jump in her bag, sleep in her bag (on a cushy towel folded inside), play "pop goes the 'bag lady'" from her bag, etc. When she gets frightened, she runs and jumps in her bag. (She doesn't like it when our other cats snoop around her bag -- because it's HER BAG -- she runs right over, jumps inside just to let them know it's HERS.)

Sally also likes attention in the middle of the night. Besides nicknaming her "bag lady," we have nicknamed her Little Miss "lick, lick, bite in the middle of the night." To solve that problem, we put her in the guest room for the night when she won't let us sleep. She is much better now about letting us sleep at night than when we first got her. Your little one will learn too -- even if it means you have to put her out of the bedroom at night and let her cry. She'll eventually quit crying and go to sleep -- she'll learn night time is for sleeping and not playing.

Have lots of fun and love with your new baby!
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Reply Tue 7 Dec, 2004 07:05 am
Cats are nocturnal animals. Eventually your kitten will adjust to human scheduling, but for now I suggest separate bedrooms.
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Reply Tue 7 Dec, 2004 08:28 am
I guess what confuses me is that the first few weeks I had her she was great. She slept almost through the night, she stayed on her side of the bed, she really was well mannered but after those weeks were over she is crazy. I have had kittens before but none like this. And she doesn't ever come to me when I call her. I guess she likes to play hard to get and to snuggle on her terms. But you think she will be ok if I don't let her in? I hate her crying but I'm getting no sleep. I would get another cat but there is a building policy of one cat. So, thank you to all that replied. I really appreciate it.
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Debra Law
Reply Wed 8 Dec, 2004 06:12 am
You might try switching her diet. Maybe there's an ingredient (fillers, dyes, or SUGAR) in her current kitten chow that is making her hyperactive and unruly. Try Iams or Science Diet for kittens. It's high quality food and kitty's health is worth the extra expense.


10. Dietary Notes: Food not purchased from pet stores, feed stores, or veterinarians is not too good for you since it contains more fillers, dyes, and sugars. Humans may purchase your food elsewhere because it is more convenient or because they think it is cheaper. Usually they pay more since those foods have fancy packaging, and gimmicks such as toys, audio tapes or coupons. You can live on it but:

a. Poor quality food will make you have looser stools and potty more.
b. Stools will smell more and the litterbox will have dried poop on the sides.
c. You will have to eat a whole lot more to obtain the nutrition you need.
d. The sugars and fillers will make you more hyperactive and unruly.
e. You will have more gas to torture your people with.
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