The gift of our senses and digestible items

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When it comes to me and experiencing food and drink, it seems that many would believe I am quite odd. As it is, I think many of you are wasting not only much of your time, but much of a chef's time, especially if eating in a restaurant. The reason, it would seem, that so many believe I am quite odd is because... when I eat or drink something I like to savor it. I think of the taste, the texture, the color of it and, if I'm in a restaurant, I take the time to soak in the culture. For instance, if I am at Dragon Wall and I choose some regular rice, I take the time to see the color of the rice and fully understand it. To admire the time it took to cook it to the perfect fluffy texture. Then, when I put it into my mouth I feel that texture, when I bite the rice into small bits I feel the new texture. All the while, I am also sensing the slight sweet taste that much rice (especially the rice that Dragon Wall serves) offers to my tongue. I even stop to smell the rice sometimes. (It always has a slightly sweet yet earthy aroma.) If I am eating something that is supposed to be crunchy, I will listen for the crunch. Envisioning the break traveling from one end of the (let's just say "chip") to the other. As for the restaurant itself, it is decorated with a brilliant combination of red and gold fighting (yet also working together) in a way that makes me believe a king could come in and eat there. Feeling comfortable, knowing that he is enveloped in such rich colors and enticing aromas.q I don't often read what many would like to call "critics" say about any certain restaurant. However, when I do, I find myself craving more detail. I want to know more about how the food was plated, how bright or dull the colors looked, how the restaurant was set up and the type of decor within it. I want to know if the waiter or waitress smiled in a friendly way, or smiled, but in a way that told you "I'm doing this because I have to." I want to know the exact reason why the restaurant they have critiqued did not deserve that one extra star. Is there anyone else who feels this way and/or does these things?
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There just has to be someone, huh?
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Lol, Yaaay!! 😄
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