My bf left me because, of his mother and siblings

Reply Fri 2 Jun, 2017 04:30 pm
I knew my ex two months ago, im 32 he is 28. He was too nice to me and agreeable to whatever i said and made me feel like a princess. And within 3 days he said he wants me and like me so much. We dated so many times almost every day in a month, but things started to changed one month after that. I went to his mothers house, and he commented that his mother said im way too old for him (im 4 ys elder) and his mum said i cant get pregnant and will look old in the future.  And also said im not friendly during our first meeting. And his mum commented so many other things which broke my heart, eventhough i was being so nice to her in our first meeting. (Brought cake to her house and was abit shy and polite in our first meeting, she was keep on playing with her hp and quiet. She didnt aporoach me much. Only his younger siblings was asking me questions. All below 25ys old. 

This guy was still dating and giving me future and marriage hopes, and he asked me to visit his mother again to correct back the situation. I did visit again, and this time i was friendly with his mom and helped her on all the kitchen stuffs.

The next days i texted her mum just to be friendly on how she is and whether she had lunch. She didnt replied. But after 2 days, she replied that family has made the decision (his siblings and his mom) she doesnt want me to contact her son and her son also will not contact me and ask to end the relationship. I sent the text to his son, he seems like so cool and as he already knew about it.

We argued and i told him that he shouldnt give me hopes if he knew his mother doesnt like me since beginning since i was taking it was not so serius till this extent. I told him that we go together to your mom and explain to her that we love each other, but he seems not interested and he stopped to contact me for one week. During this i cried as hell.

Then initiated and called him back after one week, and plan to meet the next day to discuss on how to save this relationship. But then he cancelled plan on the next day and send a long message that he wants to end the relationship. I called him and we argued again, and he said he could leave the world for his mother even me, and his mom wants the best for him and he said if i really wants him, asked me to asked his mum again and apologize to her again and again for one of two months if she agrees (IF). Its like begging her mum. He told me that dont let her mom know that he told me this. I was really confused as he is too scared of his mum and siblings.

I called him and cursed him. I felt like i was being played off by him. Because if he really loves me, he would not leave me and should have contacted me as he knows my condition, was crying badly and sick. He called me once and said he missed me and no call after that. He started to contact another girl everynight the same time he used to call me.

Im so heartbroken and depressed. Should i beg him and his mum?
Reply Fri 2 Jun, 2017 06:51 pm
Zizi77 wrote:

Im so heartbroken and depressed. Should i beg him and his mum?

No. It is over and you can't fix it. At least, keep your self respect.
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Reply Fri 2 Jun, 2017 11:20 pm
I agree with Roger, if you have to beg his mother for approval he is still a child, not an adult. (Ok, that's not exactly what Roger said, I added that on and still agree with Roger)
Reply Sat 3 Jun, 2017 03:55 am
glitterbag wrote:
if you have to beg his mother for approval he is still a child, not an adult.

Yup. She dodged a bullet.
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