The Ever Evolving Primordial Thinker (God)?

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Genesis of the Eternal God

By Alan McDougall

Existence -was -Existence-is -Existence-will be.

Within the primordial writhing cosmic cloud of magnetic flux and energy, that the always was, it took on new form, evolved and coalesced again into a dense oneness of primordial glowing energy, which is and was and will be, the primordial source that moves between the everlasting cycles of order to chaos and chaos back to order.

It became thought.

I awoke and thought the first creative thoughts within my infinite primordial mind and out of the realm of previous chaos I began to recreate outside the absolute timeless realm and started the new first realities based on new planes realms dimensions and textures and set the linear clocks of time to run forever.

Within a Timeless zone before existence came to be, a pool of infinite pure thought it held within it all the hopes, dreams, for creating new order within the realms of existence and reality and these immense waves of pure magnetic thought gradually coalesced and a mighty sentient consciousness emerged out of previous chaos.

It knew itself and called itself after eons of contemplation and said to itself I am who I say I am.

Back before anything was conceived, I am Infinite pure "mind" and "thought" there is no dark only light within my infinite domain. 

So I moved upon the great void of dark I created and said "let there be" light' and there was light. 

From within that light came love and life.

I experienced time only in my dreams and the cup of my dreams ran over as do rivers that overflow their banks. 

I dreamed infinity of dreams in the first instant, and infinity multiplied by infinity out from the timeless zone of now. I thought and created the programs and processes of all possibilities in one awesome moment. 

I became aware of my infinite potential within vast unplowed fields of nothing

Before the timeless moment of creation I strode out into eternal infinity, with great beams of Radiant Light, sowing the first seeds that grew into all of existence.

I walked down the road of forever and sat down on the throne of infinity. 

I am the light being and my everlasting purpose is to create and cause existence. 

I am both nothing and everything I am the light that dispels the dark. 

I evolved into the omniscient Father Spirit and in my creative agony, I twisted boiled dissolved reformed writhed and shook before another realm of existence and creation came to be and I began to organize itself into a One Mighty Sentient all encompassing great being of thought and infinite intelligence. 

I grew out of nothingness by my own will, before anything was and with the mobility of its original thoughts and will created all that ever was, all that is, and all that will ever be.

As the Primordial First Living Spirit I drifted ever in and out of awareness within the ceaseless ever changing fluxes of thought out of my mind of pure energy. 

I tossed out the foams of singularities, started again and again the flow of time and withdrew into myself, outside time or space and stood back while sustaining creation as a dynamic ever changing force of infinite power.

At the moment of the thundering dawn of creation, I sent out the primordial heat and energy to light up the universes and took the seeds of life from within my inner being and planted them as universal singularities. 

I waited and watched my creation grow and expanded and this filled my being with joy and satisfaction and I knew my workmanship had been good.

After my creative event at the second dawn of existence I withdrew of myself again to allow for the void to come into existence and great incandescence's blazed outwards as I set entropy and time into motion.

Polarities separated and the sons of light and the sons of dark flew apart and set up the tension enmity between good and evil forever. 

A deep and infinite chasm came between my perfection and the depravity of the terrible one, who serves only himself and the actualities of love and hate were came to be. 

I separated existence and withdrew myself into everlasting light and let it, the evil one exist in its darkness.

These two opposing forces split the chasm of light blazed to banish the dark and the dark flowed like evil tar to blot out the light forever.

I experienced time only in my dreams said God. God first dreamed. The cup of dreams ran over like unto rivers that overflow their banks. 

For I am God I dreamed an Infinity of dreams in that instant, all other the Infinities multiplied by infinities for an Eternity, creating all possibilities in one awesome now. 

It was the Realm of Chaos and it was the realm of Order. I began to create outside the Absolute Realms and started the first realities based on dimensions and textures. 

There was no cause to my existence I simply, existed forever in the glory of my light. Having no Cause I am therefore both the effect and affect and maker of everything. 

On the panorama of bleak blackness," I am" "The Absolute", sowing seeds of universal radiant energy. Reality is the gem of my creation and the beauty of my achievement. I am he who lives, forever and forever. 

I illuminated the darkness with beams of dazzling brilliant light, radiant in its translucent glory, which I will share with those who love me. 

My acts of creation were the first event of my purpose reason for my existence. I formulate everything in the thoughts of my Mind and knew the first numbers and called them "Zero" and "One", With these primordial multiplicities and realities of the fundamentals, "I made everything".

I took these first fundamentals and weaved them into the fabric of the reality, creating all the limitless universes on the infinite timeless foam where before there was but nothing. I am the Almighty One. If you are wise, do just one thing respect me for I am The Lord of creation and reason you exist?

I am the great Infinite Ocean that contains all things.

I sang the songs of creation and the new universe began to vibrate with countless frequencies of light, glory translucent and everlasting with the vibrations of the song of existence. The singer sang the song, the painter the painting, the creator the creation. 

The universe then began to weave, dance, and vibrate flux and vortex into one colossal maelstrom, spiral in perfect order from the mind of the eternal one The Universe danced and sang with joy. The dancer danced and sang along with his new creation.

I am life giver. Back before anything was conceived , I am Infinite pure "mind" and "thought" there is no dark only light within my infinite domain, so I moved upon the great void of dark and said "let there be" light' and there was light.

I am life which the Lord created in the beginning of his works, before all else, when he set the heavens in their place, I was there, before he made the earth, I was his darling child and played the creation game, in eternal joy with him. I was his craftsman and his companion and delight. Wisdom and word is my name and I was with him before all creation. He is the ancient of days and I am his life and wisdom. 

We together created mighty super-strings and weaved them together with colossal strands of energetic light colored in beautiful magnificent opalescence into the very fabric of reality and a new unimaginably beautiful universe was born in glory and delight.

What am I, I am who I say I am!

Any comments I tried to imagine how god came to be and avoid infinite regression



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Reply Mon 22 May, 2017 07:46 am
@Alan McDougall,
Why post this portentous pretentious piffle again?

Alan McDougall
Reply Sun 28 May, 2017 07:55 am
ekename wrote:

Why post this portentous pretentious piffle again?


Write something better and I will take you seriously next time!
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