Businesses you seriously considered trying to start

Reply Sat 20 May, 2017 04:13 pm
I'll go first, but please add yours that you thought of seriously, if only for an hour on a grey day as a kind of wanna-do if you could.

I wanted to have a travel store, though I'd barely heard of them.

There was one travel store in the Los Angeles that I knew of at the time, but I'd never been there, or I think not, just from some article. That was a click, as I had just been on my first flight to Europe from LA, a novice in many ways.
Years later, I did see good travel stores, but hey, mine would have been better, or at least different.

Somewhere back then, husband and I invited our friends to dinner (small house, not bad food). The guy was an architect I'd worked with w/no problemo, and the wife, degree in arch history but at that point an underling re a museum set up via university, me being coordinator but not a director. That episode was a full debacle, not even funny. Far as I know, I and certainly not her were not blamed. So those of us were still interested in each other gathered and somewhere between dinner and dessert, I mentioned that I'd like to start a travel bookstore. I meant it regarding myself.

She started in with We.
Years later, I don't blame either of us.

I wanted my own ideas: all sorts of things from maps to how to stow money walking as an american walking in Rome, but I wanted books from near and far and new or old to be in a store.
I would have, given being successful, tried to progress to at least point people to books.

Reply Sun 21 May, 2017 01:30 pm
Daydreamed about a luncheonette/diner/coffee shop. Never Anything too formal, just a nice place to gets good bite for a reasonable price. Even went so far as to sketch floor plans.

Thought about either a bar or a liquor store....

Once I thought about s book store, decided it would be too quiet.

In all my ideas there would be a nice apartment in back of the store and a floor or two with apartments over the store.
Reply Sun 21 May, 2017 01:49 pm
That makes sense, the nice place in back, the apartments over the store..
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Reply Sun 21 May, 2017 04:03 pm
In 1969, brother Sam and I decided we would start our own magazine. Start on a shoestring, advertising for subscriptions in papers such as the LA Free press. We were in the middle of making up and designing issue One, and had gotten a few subscriptions already, when family tragedy called us home and we had to give it up. We did return the subscribers' money. Our first ad got us a request to join our staff from Walt Disney's brother, Roy. I wrote him a nice letter explaining how he was wasting his time with somebody as broke as us.
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