Groping my wife

Reply Sat 24 Dec, 2016 12:41 am
I think I can add a different perspective as a woman much like your wife. Maybe this is relevant, up to you. My fiance and i have been together 5 years. And he has always groped me and even spanked me randomly when we are alone or in public ( large crowds or concerts). And sometimes I love it sometimes I want space. Will I ever tell him? No. Never. He loves my body. I developed fast and posses hips and a fat ass ( no better way to put it) inherited from my Columbian ancestors of women. I grew up very self concious because these traits tend to be a trigger unwanted attention but when I met my spouse he was wild about it and wanted to show me off. It was annoying a bit I felt objectified even by my husband. But my husband can be sensitive about turning down advances or sex and I want him satsified and I want to he fair in what I require from him. Finally my libido has kicked in and randomly at night I will touch him and even give him a blowjob as he is sleeping just to surprise him and feel him startle. He hasn't complained but he loses a lot of sleepnow. I find it ironic now the tables have turned but he hasnt said anything either. Ultimately he is my husband and I want to fullfill every sexual appetite he has but I expect it likewise. The groping is your way of affection and if shes been yours for so long it's probably not a problem. She might like it some days and others not. Remember she could even just be in a mood or upset about a totally different thing and sometimes needs space.
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Reply Fri 6 Dec, 2019 01:35 pm
a simple test called the "5 love languages" shows you how you interpret love and how you express it.
you should have your wife take it too. you'll have a better understanding how she interprets love and how she shows it to you.

As for any deeper meaning behind it, you'll have to see a therapist. I'm sure there are far buried reasons why you do what you do. But it's like pandora's box... you may not like what you find. or you might. Smile

good luck to you!
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