Reply Sun 10 Oct, 2004 08:01 pm
We have a wonderful lab and decided he needed a playmate, so we did the right thing and picked up a dog from the rescue league, a small mixed breed, we were told he was about a year old. One major flaw quickly arose in this plan, the new dog has a major bladder problem; he pees in the house, setting a lifetime record by my account of 4 times in one day! All this while we are being very vigilent and attentive, watching out for it.

Seems to be excited or stress related behavior, usually with no warning whatsoever. Prompted at different times by walking up to him, reaching down to pet him, the sun rising, the sun setting, breathing, ect. however not always, sometime he appears to be just to darn lazy to go over to the door.

He has a huge outside play area and does play for hours at a time with the lab. Anyway, its getting real old, we need a fast fix, if there is one. We are very patient however very short on spare time and my psychiatrist bills are getting expensive. Guess one option is to take the little feller back to the rescue league.

Help!! Drunk Drunk Drunk Drunk Drunk
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Region Philbis
Reply Sun 10 Oct, 2004 08:06 pm
is the lab also a male?
sounds like the newbie is marking territory...
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Region Philbis
Reply Sun 10 Oct, 2004 08:09 pm
where are my manners?!!

welcome to A2k, djdp
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Reply Sun 10 Oct, 2004 08:12 pm
Well, has anybody trained him? I don't think they instinctively know we don't like it.

Even if he was trained previously, it was in another environment by other people.

You guys need to train him in your house. Take him outside three or four times a day at the same times, so he knows he can hold it until that time, and he can be sure he'll get taken outside.

Should take a week or so. Hope you'll give him a bit more of a chance.
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Reply Sun 10 Oct, 2004 08:29 pm
Region Philbis- I'm not sure this is how I respond however, thanks for the welcome and the help. Yes the other is a male.
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Reply Sun 10 Oct, 2004 08:33 pm
And, I will add that our trainer said to take them to the same spot each time, on a leash rather than just letting him out in the yard.

Say "Potty" or "Go" or whatever word you want to use to ask him about it, as in "Do you need to go potty?" as you put on his leash. Then walk him out to one chosen spot and wait for him to go. When he does, offer a treat and praise.

May take a while, so please be patient with him. Good luck!
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Reply Sun 10 Oct, 2004 08:50 pm
Does he empty his bladder in the house or just dribble? Dribbling is a sign of submission to a superior wolf--you, the lab, a favorite guest.
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Reply Mon 11 Oct, 2004 07:49 pm
Thanks for all the great ideas. A2K is an excellent site. Anyway we will try these suggestions and see what happens, our 2 children will certainly be thankful!
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Reply Mon 11 Oct, 2004 08:03 pm
I can tell you that four times in a day is not even close to a record. Much patience, much consistency, and luck shouldn't be required.

(Has he ever been housetrained at all?)
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Reply Tue 12 Oct, 2004 08:12 pm

Not sure he was, he did come from a rescue league. We are working hard and he is a great little dog.
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Reply Wed 20 Oct, 2004 02:34 pm
2 year old dog still pees in the house
I have the same problem...sort of.

I have a lab and a sheltie/boarder collie type mix.

He cannot go more than 5 or 6 hours with out peeing. This causes a problem since we are gone about 9 hours on a workday. Currently I go home at lunch to let him out. I let him out right before I leave I'll come home 3.5 or 4 hours later and sometimes he's been fine and other days he's already peed.

The other day I came home at lunch and he'd already peed. I let him out to pee again. Then when I got home that evening...3 hours later he had peed again.

He'd been checked for medical problems and there are none. He never poops in the house. He ALWAYS waits to poop...but will pee when we're not home. When we are home he waits at the door when he has to go out. So he knows he supposed to. If I put paper down where he likes to pee in the kitchen, he will not go on it, he'll go next to it. He has two places he'll pee...the bathroom and the kitchen. I've tried confining him to another area but sometimes he'll pee there too and that's carpeted. Much worse to clean up. So I keep him in the kitchen.

Our other dog would rather die then pee in the house.

Any ideas? I've already done the tying him to me thing. The did help when he was little and would spontaneously pee. But now...he knows to go outside. He just won't wait when we're not home.

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Reply Thu 18 Nov, 2004 11:38 pm
crate trainig for urinating
Have either of you tried crate training, I know that it is usually viewed as a puppy method, but it will work for adult dogs also, give it a try.
Gabbi- try leaving the dog in a crate during the day with maybe abone or another toy, go home at lunch, relieve him, then put him back in until you get home from work. When you get home play with him extensively, there will be alot of pent-up energy. I hope that helps
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Reply Fri 10 Dec, 2004 08:22 am
My Mom has a challenge that I would like to describe...maybe someone has a good idea.

My parents have a tiny toy mom stays home with the dog all day. They have never trained her not to "go" in the house. Her poops have never bothered them...they are so tiny, my Mom just picks 'em up.

She pees in such small amounts, I guess my mom never worried about it, and surely never found any "wet spots." Last night, my mom pulled up an area rug that is in their den...found lots of evidence of pee pee.

My Mom says what do I do now? She(the dog) thinks that this is ok to do can I break her of this?

I told my mom that she's going to have to train her, etc. My mom says, you know, she's so small, she can be peeing right in front of me and I cannot see that she is squatting! Also, my mom has trouble catching her! She's very fast.

Any ideas?
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