trying to get a sense of what you like

Craven de Kere
Reply Wed 30 Oct, 2002 08:14 am
Could it be that she?
As crazy as she be,
Errs in blaming me,
To me it's plain to see,

And her lil' buddy dab
That pesky little scab
With her petty line of gab,
Pops up and takes a stab,

Am I a nasty fiend
You say that I demeaned?
Her thread by me was cleaned?
So coldly I intervened?

Dear Beth I'd have you know,
That come hell, rain or snow
I'd never off the poll and go,
And then sulk off, HELLO!
That's hardly apropos
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Reply Wed 30 Oct, 2002 08:34 am
To rhyme poor "Dab" with "scab" you see
It isn't really poetry -
Methinks he doth protest too much
And at a straw does, sinking, clutch!

As one who, knowing that he errs,
In desperation casteth slurs,
And, gecko-like, he leaves a tail
In hope he'll turn us from his trail!
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Craven de Kere
Reply Wed 30 Oct, 2002 08:49 am
I haven't the skill or time,
To bust out a decent rhyme,
And to scab-deb outshine,
So I'll just sit here and whine,

It really wasn't me,
That's true as it can be,
If I go hug a tree,
Will the feminist let me be?

New smiley:

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Reply Wed 13 Nov, 2002 05:29 pm
Well, it seems that we're actually using this forum and it's time to organize things a bit. Put things in categories so we can discuss them more effectively.

I am going to once again try to post a poll asking for thoughts on your favourite types of poetry - i'm going to split things by timeline and continent (more or less). Perhaps I can also ask for comments about different styles of poetry that you enjoy reading.

I'll be back (I hope). If not, call Setanta and tell him I've fallen into a poll and can't get out.
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Reply Thu 14 Nov, 2002 10:04 am
Psst excellent pollage! Didn't someone suggest a poll dance? Hmm.
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