If You Were God - Would you Repeat?

Reply Fri 16 Dec, 2016 11:53 am
@mark noble,
restricted to being a 'she'?
Nah Noble, as the principal apodictical existential pantheist hereabout, I've oft writ "He/She/It
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Reply Fri 16 Dec, 2016 11:58 am
@mark noble,
preference toward 'she'
True Mark 'cause it upsets some so
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Reply Fri 16 Dec, 2016 03:17 pm
@mark noble,
From the OT and NT.

"ALL actions are 'By Him, For Him and Through Him'".
This implies everpresence.
God is 'everything' doing 'everything'.

Want directions to the text?

Or are you just posting on a social-forum because you lack attention from real-life?

From your tone I assume you think I'd disagree with that but I don't know why you would. Maybe because I questioned some definition of 'omnipotent'? Do you think that text shows omnipotence?
mark noble
Reply Mon 19 Dec, 2016 08:22 am
ALL ACTIONS (Excuse Caps) are "By, For, Through".
Isaiah 45.7 (OT) Creator of all good and calamity'.

That is Judaic-based-christianity.
That is why the 'omnipotent' applies, but christians choose to ignore such verses. (Fcks with 'free-will', see).

Even Plato stated 'If they had no God/s - One would need to create/design one for them.'

As long as folk fail to value themselves - They will pursue any bollux you deliver in its place.

Add a little wisdom (psychology) and you own them...

Ok - Babbling, now - Cya soon.

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