Is Life Futile? And How Can We Know if it is?

Fil Albuquerque
Reply Sun 9 Apr, 2017 08:28 am
If it is do something about it.
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cicerone imposter
Reply Sun 9 Apr, 2017 10:11 am
Not interested in "eternal." That's foolish thinking.
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Reply Tue 11 Apr, 2017 12:16 am
saw038 wrote:

I don't mean this to be a depressing topic, but it seems unavoidable.

Why do we live or stay alive?

What stops us from committing suicide?

If you believe there is a purpose to life then I can understand your reason for wanting to stay.

But for those that believe life has no purpose, or better yet, that it is something that is filled with continually suffering. Why continue?

If life is like the Greek myth of Sisyphus where he is sentenced to continually push a boulder up a hill only to do so repetitively with no purpose and no end goal, then why do it at all?

What is it that we believe we need to live?

Please accept the comment that answers your question.

Maybe it's not knowing what death entails?

If you cease completely why hurt up the process? Life isn't bad 100% of the time. Death will come one day but why be in a rush for it? Maybe something interesting will happen if you wait?

Maybe you don't cease to exist and by killing yourself something even worse results? Its unknown yet still playable, we don't know.

Everything has a price, why would killing yourself be exempt?

What about the people you would impact? I guess they don't matter either?

I think it's good we don't have a clearly defined purpose. It means we are completely free to decide our own purpose. Why would one need to be dictated to have any significance?

Its true life is full of suffering, so why not find a way to solve it? So no one needs to needlessly suffer?
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Fil Albuquerque
Reply Thu 13 Apr, 2017 03:51 am
Interacting with thousands of people, the whole social project, can never be said to be futile. The sheer mathemathical complexity present if nothing else is proof of it.
Every time I got this question I have the impression ppl mistake a sense of depth and fulfilment sprung out of a brain chemically balanced with the idea of purpose or lack of it when you are chemically deprived.
My computer has no need for chemical balance in order to compute and work. Don't come on speaking on the bloody batteries k...
Point is life is work n by definition work has purpose. Weather we know where it all leads to is irrelevant. The Universe unfolds as it must and we go along with it for the ride. Surprised or bored, happy or frustrated n sad, we get the whole pack. Futile? As much as you want to think of it as such.
Deep? Same answer applies. Both qualifications are relativistic frames of reference in perceptual transient states of being in the world.
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