Reply Sat 18 Sep, 2004 10:10 am
Anyone had this one before...

My fiance and I just moved to California from NY and moved in together for the first time. I have two cats (may I introduce Ziggy - male, nearly 4 years old and BB - female 2 yrs old) and he has one (enter: Willie - female, 6 yrs old).

When we introduced them in NY for the month before we did the car journey they didn't particularly like each other and Willie would stay away from them for the most part. We had a 'peeing on the bed' incident (Willie) - while we were in it, I might add - before we left NY, but it happened only once and we thought it was just the stress.

The 5-day car journey was without incident. Zig and BB were all over the car and Willie stayed in her box.

Now, they have started fighting. BB is very aggressive toward Willie and will hiss and claw at her (BB is the only one with claws). Willie keeps out of the way, so BB really does go after her, it's not Willie just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. BB is quite a biatch anyway, so I thought she'd get fed up of doing it once she'd been sprayed with water enough times. However, now Ziggy has started!! Ziggy is the most placid, most lovable mog you every laid eyes on. Willie has only one eye and I don't think the remaining one is that great either, so they have the ability to sneak up on her even when they don't mean to.

Willie has now started to pee in the living room. By the way, thanks to all for previous postings re: natures miracle and feliway. I went out and bought them both yesterday!

Is separating them the answer? I personally don't know how that would help.

Anyone... any thoughts???
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Reply Sat 18 Sep, 2004 06:30 pm
IT is a pleasure to see animals fighting together.
Genrally, when one cat fight another cat that means they like each other(or love Smile )
BE CAREFUL: Do not let the fighting turn to making love if you do not like more cats to fight! Drunk

btw, Welcome to A2K Vikster Very Happy
our new members are always warmly welcomed
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Reply Sat 18 Sep, 2004 07:31 pm
Not sure about that, at all, but if there's no bloodshed, I wouldn't worry. They can play very rough. Since the pee on the bed happened only once, I would let them work out their own accommodation.

edited to add "only once."
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Reply Sat 18 Sep, 2004 09:03 pm
Ziggy and BB obviously feel that Willie is responsible for carting them across the country, introducing a strange male to the family and in general disrupting a very satisfactory life.

Willie doesn't like the new situation either--and resents being under perpetual attack.

I'd suggest that you announce you're starting all over. Crate Willie in one room and Ziggy and BB in another. I suggest crates/cages because leaving doors open is very easy--and could set back the new beginning.

Both two-legged people spend a generous amount of time--separately and together-- every day appreciating the wonderful essence of each cat. All of this attention takes place in the separate rooms.

Feed them in their isolation chambers--and plan to go on doing this for some time.

After a week or two of isolation (and deodorizing the rest of the house) allow each feline side of the family to roam in the "community areas". Keep a close eye out for any unauthorized territory marking. If this happens, back to the cage/crate with the offender.

After a month or so, allow his cat and your cat access to the community areas togetherwhile they are supervised. Any anti-social behavior brings immediate banishment for the offender.

Good luck. Sweet-smelling togetherness is still some distance down the road, but with luck....
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Reply Sun 19 Sep, 2004 12:19 pm
The on-going, never-ending trauma may be derailed via substituting a NEW Trauma.

You need to unify them... often this can be accomplished by CREATING an "external threat".

Bring them into an enclosed space with little or no place to hide (unfurnished room or fenced in yard).
Arrange for someone (that they don't know) with a pit bull on a leash enter the enclosure.

There will be a lot of barking, and it will be difficult to restrain the pit bull, but by the time all three cats have been backed into a corner TOGETHER and forced to work AS A UNIT, there's a chance they may develop some sort of accord.

(The Military has been doing this at BootCamp for generations...)
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