Can anyone help me with this geography assignment?

Reply Fri 22 Apr, 2016 04:16 pm
I have to do an assignment for an online geography class that involves asking a person from another country who (legally or undocumented) is now living in the US. Sadly, living in a small town means that hardly anyone around here qualifies. Could anyone answer these questions for me? I would SO GREATLY appreciate it.
Name, basic biographical information. Country of origin? What languages do you speak?

 How long have you lived in the US? Describe your family members in the US and abroad? What was your reason for coming to the US?

 What is your fondest and worst memory of your homeland?

 Describe some of the history of your former country. Who were some of its great leaders? Detail some of its most important historical events. Tell about the most beautiful places in the old country. What places did you like to visit?

 What do you do for a living in the US? What was your job in your homeland? How does your salary compare? Does your US paycheck buy you more or less when compared to your old job's salary?

 Are you able to purchase in the US the same items you could purchase in your homeland (e.g. foods, spices, clothing)? If yes, where do you get them? If no, how do you acquire these items or do you do without?

 Do you rent or own your own home? Does anyone live with you? Describe the customs of your household and how it differs from a typical American household.

 What religion do you practice? Has moving to the US made it easier or more difficult for you to worship in a manner you deem appropriate? Explain.

 What would you consider to be the best aspect of living in your homeland (e.g. cultural identity, family values)? The worst (e.g. wars, political corruption)? What would you consider to be the best aspect of living in the US? The worst?

 Describe both public and private transportation in your home country. How does it compare with the US? Describe schools and medical services in the same manner.

 Describe the government of your mother country. How does its structure and function compare to the US? Describe the military and law enforcement in your home country.

 Do you plan to visit your old country? Do you plan to ever move back to your country or another country?

 Do you follow the customs of your homeland, or would you rather melt into the mainstream of American culture (e.g. accepting English as a primary language, Western-style weddings, listening to pop music)? If it will be a mixture of both, please describe which parts you will accept and which you will reject.

 What has been the most difficult thing getting used to in the US (e.g. people eating meat, lots of bare skin, speeding cars)?
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Reply Fri 22 Apr, 2016 04:23 pm
Wouldn't this be about sociology...not geography?
Reply Fri 22 Apr, 2016 06:43 pm
Well, it is an assignment for a geography class, but I guess I'll add that tag as well.
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