Is Trump the product of the Internet?

Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2016 06:38 pm
Lilkanyon wrote:
Is Trump the product of the Internet?

Perhaps indirectly. The internet allows candidates to appeal directly to voters, bypassing traditional gatekeepers like party establishments and mainstream media. I believe that Donald Trump benefits from this, and that this plays an important part in both his success and the ineptness of Fox's and the Republican leadership's reaction to him.

Lilkanyon wrote:
I heard Trump uses Facebook and Twitter responses to determine his campaign and shape his topics (if you could call them that) in his speeches. Is he the ultimate "troller?"

I agree Trump is doing to America's political process what trolls do to internent forums (hogging attention, never mind that it's mostly negative attention). But I think that's a separate issue from his use of Facebook and Twitter responses to estimate his effectiveness at reaching people. Lots of people use such responses for this purpose. Few if any of them are Donald-Trump-caliber trolls.
Reply Tue 8 Mar, 2016 06:50 pm
Thank you! You addressed the question directly! But although you say, its indirect...I think hes tuning into the natural negativity of mankind and using it to his advantage. Its against biology to "get along" cuz who wants to watch their girl being bred by another guy cuz you were "understanding?" Like it or not, we are animals and against humanity, competition is the rule. I surely dont like it, I think we need a better way, doesnt mean people like Trump do not fall back on neandrethal ways and take the base ignorant with him. Even some of us women fall for the "bad boy". A basic primal instinct of kill or be killed...no level is too low to win. The chivalric knight never existed, yet he is still the standard of purity. Weird eh?
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