Managed irritation

Reply Wed 2 Dec, 2015 09:46 am
please note before proceeding.
the only proof to any of the below, is that they have not yet been effectively challenged, and they seem to fit the picture smoothly,

additionally, this is only able to address the people I have been, since I have only been myself, this cannot possibly serve you in any way other than a mere outline, a frame of thought, to be filled in with your personalized creativity and customized truth.
If you were raised by a fish, maybe this article is meant to be skipped,

But if you had human parents, friends, and educators involved in your development,

Chances are, that there is an area inside your identity, which is way more concerned, with getting approved by the above humans, then getting approved by your own drive to successfully exist.

We might have been mentally conditioned, to destroy ourselves en route to conform, to what others view as our success,
either sincerely, by failing to respect human diversity, how helpful things to human a, might destroy human b, simply because we experience our experiences so differently,

Or even on purpose with intent to market and dress up what is a personal benefit to them, as something directly beneficial to us exclusively.

Just like in the business world, so many advertisements that claim to be occupied and concerned with your well being only, are actually promoting products and services that are a complete waste and even harmful at times,

They will tell you about this money saving and gaining tool, that actually does one thing only, consume our money without giving anything in return.

Likewise, parents and company, will promote and push for certain mind programming, habit establishing, and behaviors, initially designed to serve them some benefit, but introduced to the child, as something essential to the childs long term successful survival etc.

This is not to claim that parents and humans are that wicked,

It's just that we act so spontaneously and so lightening quick, while being so biased and not being aware, about the later,

So much of our real motives and reasons, reside in the subconscious where we cannot intervene,

That this is an inevitable aspect in Human behavior.

Should have some of the above, taken place in your mental development and conditioning?

In a truthful place, much of that programming will be identified as the devil, sucking life out of you destroying you, while identifying itself to you, as yourself with all the self-serving intentions included in the kit, with the most sincerity ever recorded on earth.

But in the real world, one will consistently sabotage himself, and be manipulated by outside enemy interested, all served under a label of genuine self-care.

That is going to be the case, as long as one allows effective attachment between his concious awareness of himself, with the complicated subconscious programming described above, as one united being.

Therefore, we obviously need to detach,
And here is where supreme frustrating irritation comes in handy,

If I would to suggest, that you manufacture that irritation, I probably would belong to the family of harm marketed as benefit, described above.

But luckily, we don't need to create new frustrations, life is mass producing them for us anyway.

We simply need to manage better the ones we already own.

In a place, where one used to spend tremendous energy to flush the sadness out, desperately flipping through his book of tricks, trying to find the one that will uplift his mood and elevate him from this rotting pit.

Maybe focus on fishing out a little rage and revenge onto the devils secret agenda behind all that superficial love and care.

We are not talking revenge against humans as this is almost always counter-productive, as well as outright unjust.

We want to avenge our spilled blood by annihilating the wicked so called self (devil), inside us, regardless of how it came to be.

It's OK to paint the devil in a human picture (even a specific harming individual), as long as you remember that it's for practical purposes only to amp up the rage and provide it a clear target for better expression.

There is a sweetness in effective imaginative revenge, where if that is triggered (in this particular project),
that is incredibly huge, in achieving separation from the devil, and striping him off his stolen identity as yourself.

But en route to that little bag of gold, there are inevitable oceans of frustration and irritation.

The decisive factor might boil down to,
How effective one keeps focusing on the little bag of gold.

You are paying a lot to get a little, at least in qty.

That cannot fluster you, or you better withdraw from all of the above.

Just by keeping in mind and holding on, that despite the attention it naturally attracts,
the pain, suffering, irritation, and frustration, are only an inevitable investment to acquire the little bag of gold, and shifting your focus back on the goal time and time again,

To consistently tell yourself repeatedly,
That all the irritation were expected to be here, and I still signed up for this,

Will probably lessen the habit of constantly returning to observe, watch, and analyze, the pain and suffering.

Allowing you to shift your attention back to the little bag.

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think rethink
Reply Wed 2 Dec, 2015 10:12 am
@think rethink,
But en route to the bag, rage, is necessary, raging hate is what will fuel the fire of sweetness in the little bag,

Without that, only self-defeating pity on the devils misfortunes will be available in abundance.

So here is the formula,

An Atlantic ocean of pain,

A combined Atlantic and pacific ocean of frustration,
All oceans combined, with concentrated irritation.

Totals, A little bag of gold.
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Reply Wed 2 Dec, 2015 02:06 pm
@think rethink,
Try reading up on concepts of 'self'. You might find that expressions like 'I have only been myself' are meaningless.
Reply Wed 2 Dec, 2015 04:53 pm
@think rethink,
Many words so hard for my snail brain to understand.
Could this be your thesis?
"Sometimes you just have to look out for number one."
think rethink
Reply Wed 2 Dec, 2015 09:44 pm
guess it's the lack of sound English language (at my end), that provides it, it's mystical elusive touch.
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think rethink
Reply Wed 2 Dec, 2015 09:47 pm
not developed enough to figure this out yet, but in general, I employ meaningless, to drive meaning home.
Reply Thu 3 Dec, 2015 09:25 am
@think rethink,
You don't seem to be succeeding in that.

If, for example, you take the model of 'self' as 'a committee' then the wanderings above can be seen merely as
exchanges between committee members regarding 'revenge' etc. There might be a range of dominance of different committee members, and they may enter and leave the meeting over time. Remarks addressed to 'another' ( i.e. a separate committee) by the temporary chairman, must at least assume a joint context in order to be meaningful, but of course not all members of either side will agree what that is.

Whether the committee model makes sense to you or not, it is one alternative to the myth of a 'unified consistent self' which we often assume.
think rethink
Reply Thu 3 Dec, 2015 10:31 am
good morning,
my apology for failing to respond, I simply am not comprehending.
you know, some folks have less than others, guess I arrived late, had to make do with the leftovers.

now, allow me to express the intended idea in plain language.

I was trying to say, that in order for one, to know what works,
you have to witness that person's particular form and style of human experience.

(keep in mind, we cannot develop common language for something so unique, we therefore utilize basic expression covering the outer surface only, an area, still mostly similar to one another.

for example, the two of us drink coffee together.
we both exclaim, how good it smells, how it's so steaming hot etc,
we can elaborate all night, with every word in the dictionary, still we won't express, what it's like to us in particular, to me think rethink, the person with a unique chemical, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual makeup, a unique history, education, upbringing, lifetime environment, etc.
the person with a unique form of observing, processing, and reacting and even expressing, due to the above

all we can discuss, are material properties of the experience, pasted on, with basic undefined emotional terms, and appreciate the perfect identicality in the words we are utilizing, combined with the material similarities of the identical trigger to our unique experience)

we can only witness our own inner meaningful experience, and make due with a mere illusion, that we share our experiences with others even to an inner more critical degree.)

now, if the words I used (or abused) did not do the trick,

I would appreciate very much, to be corrected.

by the way, allow me to ask you what your definition of self is.

I thought it mostly represents who, how, and what, we are long term,
also somewhat, who, how, and what we can potentially become,
and just a small bit, who, how, and what we ounce were.
Reply Thu 3 Dec, 2015 12:34 pm
@think rethink,
My definition of 'self' is that it is a word used in social contexts to denote the views of the temporary chairman of a committee of argumentative members. Different chairmen are elected or evoked by different contexts.

I would say that the scenario of drinking of coffee is secondary to a joint desire for social convergence. In short the languaging in that context is a form of social behavior not too different to dancing. This view is one expression of the position that language is not representational of 'the world' but is instrumental in creating that shared world. In short, language serves to coordinate actions in which agreed 'thinghood' equates to focus of attention of interacting humans, as opposed to the the idea that words represent things with an existential status independent of context. That position sidesteps your musing about 'personal experiences' which amount to 'the committee' chatting among its members.
think rethink
Reply Thu 3 Dec, 2015 05:59 pm
I am sensing something promising at this point,
therefore, I cannot afford to spoil it with quick impulsive responses.

intending to dig into this for a day or two, thereby delaying, what is already sizzling on my fingertips.
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