Should we Still Celebrate Columbus Day?

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Heres a modern model of one,I dont think the eaqrly Harquebi had fllash surpressors. They had an antique one at the Smithsonian and it was almost 5 ft long and required either a monopod or a "shoulder man". It was also a match lock , not a flint

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always learnt that Cortes had ZERO cannon cause he only had about 15 horses

Are we talking about Cortes first troops or the added troops he was able to talk into joining him instead of bringing him back in chains as they seems to be the ones with the cannons.

Next why could not that number of horses handle a few four pounders for example.
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Seem my guess was correct it take two horses to move one four pound cannon.


and later it was replaced by a four-pound iron cannon, drawn by two horses.
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Ya gotta love A2K. This thread started questioning the appropriateness of
Columbus Day celebrations and is now looking into Cortez's artillery.

Getting back to Columbus Day, when I was a kid we knew what holidays
were all about.

The two big Italian neighborhoods were the North End and East
Boston (the latter being where I grew up). The Columbus Day parade
alternated between the two neighborhoods and was all about being

There'd always be a bunch of Irish punks from South Boston ("Southie")
who came to the Columbus Day Parade looking for trouble. And found it.

When Southie held its St. Patrick's Day parade a bunch of Italian pucks
from Eastie would go over there looking for trouble. And found it.

But the best was Thanksgiving Day. That's when the high school rivalry
games were played. The Eastie-Southie game was at White Stadium
which is in Roxbury, a black neighborhood. So there would be fights
between white punks and black punks on the way to the stadium, and
inside the stadium, the Irish and Italian punks would mix it up.

Me, I went to the Chelsea-Everett game with my uncle and cousins.
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Being a resident at the time, I would always go Medford-Malden T-Day football game - the second oldest (continuous) HS rivalry in the country.
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Including the Natal Police and the Natal Native troops and the Natal Native Horse, Chard had nearly 400 men. He also had prepared defensive positions, because the Zulu did not achieve tactical surprise.

Once again, shallow and murky . . .
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Reply Mon 19 Oct, 2015 04:18 pm
According to Cort├ęs' inventory at Tacloban, after being expelled from Tenochtitlan, he had ZERO cannon.
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