is religion dumb?, (not for practicing religious people please)

Reply Sat 10 Oct, 2015 09:20 am
we all know, hell no.

religious claims are incredibly threatening, emotionally appealing.

(humans raised religiously from birth, are not even in this article, nothing left to analyze, pretty straightforward simple)

while they are outrageous lies when presented as quality assumption, let alone historical reality,
to the person struggling with emptiness, fear, etc.
there is very little weapons available to neutralize an urge to succumb to religious pressure and appeal.

all the proof for and against God, is simply faulty, false, and wrong (in my view).

so when one proves God's nonexistence, it is, irrational defective so called logic, standing up against the same of the religious mind.

the big gap in persuasive power, lies in the emotional department.

the atheist is no match, with nothing to promise, intimidate, threaten etc.

what is left, the person resisting religion, based on sound quality critical thinking.

given the obvious atrocious lies, when religious fairy tale assumptions are sold under the banner of fact.

given the laws of rational and logic (a set of mental conduct, critical for basic survival), something even religious man employ, everywhere outside of religion.

given the firm conclusion, that it is not possible for the controller of this universe, to employ human rational (the only thing we can communicate and deal with) in his thought process, expect us to recognize his kindness, ultra capability, justice etc.
and react in justice, to our success rate in above, when we go from here.

now. the religious man vs the thinking man are equally disabled in the battle of debate.

all the expectations, the rational person is looking for, the religious man is equal to it, from his view point,

i believe so, due to the nature of above thinking, it's incredible complexity, difficulty to master, easy chance to slip off, and lose it.

it's so subtle, there is so much competing labels for the same item, so much of the competition, despite their claims being wrong, still pack much more influence, in the initial superficial stages of peeling off the layers to investigate the inner components,(so most people stop right there)

all of us were intimidated, threatened, and badly discouraged, to analyse the ingredients of our minds (critical in constructing a mind, with capability for above), we possess such an incredible urge, to impose our knowledge on our kids (not judging this approach here), that our children (us), end up developing a paranoia, most people never overcome.

when the thinker, demands the religious to "use his mind", there is no universally indisputable evidence he can offer,

when the religious person says, where is your heart are you a brick or what?, he is just as frustrated as the thinker (with the thinker offering nothing "he" can work with, all these super powerful emotions are free to rage like a storm (no mind to reign them in), and they are able to establish, very firm, so called truth),

the religious says (to himself), you cannot prove an iota either, you chose a position your theory does not entitle you to,

at least me,
the holy spirit, gut feeling, soul, revelation,etc, keep confirming all this to me so constantly,
nothing short of you, blindfold your eyes, being led into the kitchen, placing your hand on the table, feel the water that is making your hand wet, and very confidently conclude, there is liquid on the table (without having known it).

consumer beware, everything I wrote and will write, is a deceptive lie if perceived as fact,

I lack evidence all the time, all over, everywhere.

Theory, theory, food for thought, and again theory.

A slight hint of direction,

A possible elimination utility , to remove the more evident destructive options.

That's the most you will ever get out of my pen.
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Reply Sat 10 Oct, 2015 09:20 am
@think rethink,
think rethink wrote:

That's the most you will ever get out of my pen.

did you write directly on your screen?
think rethink
Reply Sat 10 Oct, 2015 07:34 pm
actually on my hard drive .
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Reply Sun 11 Oct, 2015 05:50 pm
@think rethink,
I feel your pain.
Reply Sun 11 Oct, 2015 06:04 pm
and halfway across the country, I feel yours.
Reply Sun 11 Oct, 2015 06:09 pm
You knew the Seahawks blew a 17 point lead?

Crying or Very sad
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Reply Sun 11 Oct, 2015 06:10 pm
Speaking of pain....

I said, "Well, Darlin, that was great!"

She said: "That's gunna be one dollar, Layman."

I said: What!? I thought it was four bits.

She said: I charge double for S&M.

I said: I didn't ask for no S&M.

She said: Maybe not, but you're a pain, just the same. One dollar, Layman.
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