What matters to your God?

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thunder, lightning, storms, oak trees

today is his day of worship
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And Mjöllnir.
C. 1,1100 BP, pendant, Købelev, Denmark
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It's Hammer Time
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Hello my Christian brother I noticed your discussion post just recently on my way home from work and planned to write some comments. I'm bit of a chatterbox so feel free to interrupt and stop me if I get a bit carried away. Huh? Did you just say stop now? Ah, must have been someone else (maybe Izzythepush?) cheeky buggers, there are a lot of humorous personalities on A2K. Anyway after 20yrs I've been a Christian I have noticed that the spirit of God is mainly about "FAMILY" or having a sense of family. Not just with my birth family but with other people outside of my birth family as well. Like Lord Jesus said about loving one another, not necessarily in a LaLa type of way but in a family type of way. I mean we can treat each other like untrustworthy strangers, or like family and trust one another if our senses are mutual. I think all other species live by a sense of family in order to survive which I think comes from God. All species come from God and therefore must have a sense of family or else they won't survive. Lord Jesus taught me how to value human life and regain my sense of family and even more. Initially I did have a sense of family when I was younger but the stresses of life just seemed to suck it all out of me. You know I have observed other religions, and Christianity seems more unique in the way that the focus is only on "people and God", not other species like other religions who obligate a familyhood with other species, or they can't tread on insects or something which I think is unrealistically impractical. Each specie is only obligated to the survival of their own kind which is more realistic to me. Like you can't just go up to Lion and hug it like a brother, it'll bite your head off, which i think is only natural behaviour for a Lion. Comparing this Lion scenario to a human? The human would probably be psychologically unwell, so I coudn't say this individual is behaving naturally. I'm not condemning animal lovers, because I do know where they are coming from. Sometimes animals do make more sense than a lot of humans who are just crazy and senseless. Animals can also be more loyal than a lot of human beings also. Sometimes I think I'd choose an animal over some people who act so ugly and strange. I don't like to see people killing other species unnecessarily, its senseless to me. Necessary reasons like defense, food and clothing etc would be the only acceptions. In the context of being natural in the natural world we are probably freaks, because we have innovated out of the boundaries of the natural world creating fire etc etc. All other species still live within the boundaries of the natural world. However, in the context of survival we are still as natural as every other specie. But what I'm trying to say is that all species know the spirit of God. Sometimes I think animals know the spirit of God better than us because they live in the boundaries of the natural world. But i think Lord Jesus came to restore the sense of family in human beings and help them realise the spirit of God. The other unique factor about Christianity I noticed is the love and respect towards girls and women where Lord Jesus declares love for all of us, male and female. The gospels of our Lord always speak about human morality and righteousness. But the most important message in the gospels of our Lord Jesus is to love God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.
Joe Sixpack
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Have mercy on an old man. Please.
Use paragraph breaks.
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@Joe Sixpack,
My apologies to you Joe Sixpack. You know how us youngies are. We like to rev up our motormouths with full speed ahead, but we forget that there are also civilised people reading as well. So I will try to use paragraphs when changing my subjects or references. Thanks for that Joe.
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Job was a loony?


If a man with a gun told you not to disobey him or get shot, will you do everything he tells you not to do?

Nope, because its foolish right?

So whats different?

If anything the disobeyer is loony
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Reply Tue 15 Sep, 2015 01:20 am
It's a good film, well worth watching.
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