Prairie Home Companion is getting a new host!

Reply Tue 30 Jun, 2015 01:14 pm
‘A Prairie Home Companion’ Gets a New Host — and Maybe a Future

What say you? What's your favorite part of the Prairie Home Companion radio show? The musical guests? The radio dramas? The fake commercials? The Robert Altman A Prairie Home Companion (2006) companion film?

News from Lake Wobegon: Nickel Creek’s Chris Thile to Take Over as Host of ‘Prairie Home Companion’
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Reply Tue 30 Jun, 2015 02:07 pm
tsarstepan wrote:
What's your favorite part of the Prairie Home Companion radio show?

nothing anymore

it seemed like they were targetting an older and older and older audience til they'd lost me completely
Reply Tue 30 Jun, 2015 03:06 pm
oooh that hurts.

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Reply Tue 30 Jun, 2015 03:39 pm
In regard to Prairie Home Companion, put me in the Homer Simpson camp, "Stupid TV, be more funny!"
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Reply Tue 30 Jun, 2015 06:52 pm
I haven't listened for, oh, a dozen years.

I listened to this kind of thing on my car radio between job sites or, say, going to the grocery store in the next town, and I started to get tired of the voices that I'd heard for years as well as content. I got over NPR type shows, sort of all at once, in the early oughts. I admit to still liking Car Talk and the then local public radio music broadcasts. I remember, though, preferring KMUD and KHUM at the time.
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Reply Tue 7 Jul, 2015 07:33 am
Well, they're about 10-15 yrs late, IMHO. The show lost its way quite awhile ago. I was a big fan for the first 15-20 yrs, and, being an NPR fan, I'd go out of my way to flip it on - not just in drive time or trips to the grocery store.

The show clearly revolved tightly around Keillor and his shtick. Somewhere ...years before Altman's movie, it was losing its creative juices.

It's perhaps nitpicking, but radio people that constantly inhale loudly through their nose are a major nuisance. Many people have noted it and found it annoying (b'sides me).

However, after Keillor made the hugest gaff when he was critical and xenophobic around giving Xmas back to Christians (critical of Irving Berlin and outsider's songs about Xmas) and giving Christmas back, he lost many fans of the show. What a putz! Let me see if I can find a link...


Anyhow, if they can change the brand and de-Keillor-ize it, and still keep an audience, I'll be shocked. You can kiss his Prairie-home-ass g'bye.

Wishing the best of luck to Thile:
"Enter Thile, the 34-year-old Americana diehard who first appeared on "APHC" at age 15. "
Reply Wed 22 Jul, 2015 01:16 pm
A Prairie Home Replacement
Can Chris Thile—or anyone else—ever take Garrison Keillor's place?
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Reply Sat 2 Jul, 2016 03:38 pm

Tonight is Garrison Keillor's last show.

It's been a few years since I listened, but I think I might tune in tonight.
Reply Sun 3 Jul, 2016 05:43 am
It was really no big send off. Keilr, wince he writes most of the stuff and has overall control, didnt let it "hang out" too well.

I always liked the show in its early years and only listened infrequently in the last 5 years when he established these "must have" characters and his "New from Lake Woegon" got kida lame.

OH WELL, lets give the new guys some room and hope that Keilor, who still retains some degree of control on the shows new hosts and its new format, doesnt stifle the creativity.
Reply Sun 3 Jul, 2016 06:08 am
I always enjoyed listening to NPR when I worked late, it made the ride home interesting. I suppose his show came on a different time slot, because I never listened to it. What I liked were the old radio shows like the Lone Ranger or The Shadow. When the Soviet Union was splitting up, I listened to reports from different regions as they voted in new leaders. I liked one of the reporters named Pierre Vickery he was always so earnest as he reported from the regions. You never heard such detailed reports on the evening news.
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